Swapping 2019 exhaust onto 2020


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    Hey guys. New to the forums. Just picked up my 2020 Svartpilen 401 a week ago and I’m loving it so far. One change for ‘20 that really disappointed was the rerouting of the exhaust under the bike.
    I found a complete 18/19 exhaust on eBay for $120 so I pulled the trigger. I am installing it right now but I know there’s a few extra tubes and hoses in the way. I was wondering if anyone with an ‘18 or ‘19 could share some photos of where the evap canister hoses are routed.


    The lower evap hose goes to a Y and I can see the vent hose off the bottom of the Y is still on the left side of the bike, but I’m not sure where the hose going up to the tank is routed.

    The upper hose off the evap goes to a sensor that is mounted right above where the exhaust should go through. I believe it’s somewhere else on the ‘18/‘19. But I have no idea where that one goes.

    Also there is a coolant hose Y connection on the right side. One of the top Y hoses goes to the coolant reservoir, and again the bottom is an overflow off the right side of the bike but the other connection at the top of the Y crosses over to the left under the airbox where the exhaust would go. Any help on that would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance! and ride safe.


    I think I’ve figured out the coolant hose, looked at a couple right side photos and managed to deduce where that one runs.

    it also looks like the upper hose off of the Evap canister Y union goes back up and around the shock, or back up into the under seat area, can anyone confirm?


    also it looks like the upper evap hose just runs straight along the left side of the bike and I don’t see a sensor. Maybe the update to the 2020’s was adding that?


    Any confirmation on these 2 issues is greatly appreciated!

    Avatarslow husky

    How did it work out?

    More info on this? Pictures?

    I’m considering the same thing!


    Interested too I hate the relocation and I don’t understand why the vatpilen has it passing inside!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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