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    I’ve been looking at tankbag options for the Vitpilen 701 but couldn’t find anything that appealed to me, apart from the Original Husky one, but I’m not paying €175 for a little tankbag.

    Browsing a german forum I came across someone who mentioned that the SW Motech tankring with partnumber: TRT.00.475.16000/B fits our tankcaps. Which means that you can use SW Motech tankbags.

    I bought a second hand SW Motech Daypack for €40 online, and then ordered the tankring.

    SW Motech has two types of tankring systems, the Gen 1 and the Evo. My bag came with an Evo topring, so I ordered the Evo tankring, and then found out, that the Evo system doesn’t work on our tankcaps.

    This is the gen 1 topring:


    This is the Evo topring:

    As you can see, the Evo is raised in the centre, where the Gen 1 is empty. Since our tankcap is raised, it interferes with the Evo topring.

    So after some measuring, I discovered I could use a Dremel, and take away most of the raised middle bit, without interfering with the mechanism that locks the bag to the tankring.

    After some Dremeling:

    I then fit the tankring to the tank, I put a thin rubber gasked underneath the tankring, to protect the finish from the steel ring.

    And then you can fit the tankbag:

    The bags rests on the tankring only, so it doesn’t rub on the tank itself.

    So the lesson from this is: If you want a SW Motech tankbag, buy one with a Gen 1 topring, and order the partnumber stated above in this post.

    If you get one with the Evo system, you’ll have to bring the Dremel out, and diy a bit.

    This is the Gen 1 ring on a Vitpilen (Photo taken from the German forum):

    In hindsight I would have just ordered a new Ion One tank bag (The Ion series tankbags come with the Gen 1 system, the SW Motech premium stuff comes with the Evo system) and a Gen 1 tankring. The Gen 1 tankring is a bit cheaper than the Evo tankring as well.



    Mate thanks for the very detailed post! Great info in here, the bag looks great as well 😊

    I’ll be adding this to my shopping list 👍. One thing I usually don’t like with the tank bags is the tank ring you have to leave on there, just don’t like how it looks on the bike when by itself. But it’s kinda unavoidable, and this one looks alright.

    Nice work on the diy Dremel as well 👍


    Nice! thanks for sharing, it’s going on my shopping list as well 🙂


    it has been a while since this thread was first posted, but I am interested in knowing which Evo tank ring number fits the Vitpilen (2020). I just tried the 211 but it does not fit, thanks in advance


    I dug into the details and realized that a 160 ION is a 160 EVO fit. Purchased the kit from SW-Motech and also bought some 8mm OD 13mm high aluminum spacers. This was to avoid having to dremel out at as @nampus did. However, the spacers would not allow the cap to be opened as the ring interfered .


    Oh well, the dremel it was, thanks @nampus for the guidance. Fits nicely although I added a few washers between the bag and mount to raise the height of the bag, just in the rear so there is a bit more clearance around the black plastic guard on the tank.


    Cheers everyone.


    Do you still have the link to the German forum?  I’m trying to fit the SW-Motech Pro series tank ring to my svartpilen…I have ordered a ring which is compatible with the same bike that TRT.00.475.16000/B is compatible with (I believe  TRT.00.787.16000/B) which should work because they’re both supposed to fit the same bike.

    Though to me it doesn’t look like the middle holes will line up properly.

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