Svartpilen two piece seat on a Vitpilen 401

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    Hi everyone, just wondering if you can run a Svartpilen style two piece seat on a Vitpilen 401?

    Will it work?

    Any advice would be appreciated.




    Yup I believe they will fit as long as you stay with 2018/19 or 20/21 as the seats changed length between 19 and 20.


    Great thanks for confirming. Much appreciated!


    Yes it works!  This old post shows pictures of both models with the seats swapped out.


    Thanks man I appreciate the confirmation.

    For anyone wondering why on earth I would like to run a Svartpilen seat on a Vitpilen 401…. well…

    The below photoshopped Vit has really tweaked my interest (posted by EpiphanyRay):

    I am thinking if I work off a two piece Svartpilen seat and for the passenger piece purchase this:

    I could perhaps glass a bump over the top of it, i.e. initially build out the shape out of some closed cell foam, then glass over the top of it etc. Doing so would mean the base would (in theory) be a perfect fit…

    I was then going to add a Svartpilen seat and get the thing re-upholstered to match fit in with the bump… similar to the concept designed by EpiphanyRay.

    Further to this I am about to pull the trigger on the following fairing kit and I am thinking that it might look cool with an old school rear passenger bump.

    Keen to hear from anyone that perhaps has done the two??

    Anyway that is what I am working towards amongst the other standard tricks like exhaust mods etc. I am also aware that the fairing kit will only work on a 2020+ model Vit either by: modifying the engine fairing (via a cutout) or by re-routing the exhaust to a pre-2020 model style. Which I am leaning towards. I am nervous a cutout on the engine fairing might weaken it.

    Either way I will start posting pics when the action starts.

    Thanks again for your input.


    I too am very interested in this seat concept but the way the Pillion Cover attaches onto the Vit seat may not work on the Svart seat. I’m not 100% sure so you might want to look into this yourself.

    HOWEVER, I think you may be able to just use the shell off the Svart passenger seat for your base and simply work from there. I mean idk, I’m sure you’ve worked this out in your head but you may not have to invest in the Pillion Cover at all.

    Another option would perhaps be to contact Projekt-Racing with this concept. Clearly, they have all the tools and equipment and could possibly just pop-out the part.

    Anyway, I’m following your thread so do keep us posted with your findings and results…would be really cool.


    Thanks Chillin, you raise some awesome points all worth looking into. Might also reach out to the Projekt-Racing team as an option.

    Appreciate the feedback, and I will keep in touch.

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