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    the bike has barely more off road capability than a harley due to lack of front suspension travel.

    howevr, dirt roads are insanely fun and the thing zips and slides thru the corners great. do not hit potholes while at speed

    if you go on rough trails or actually off road, go slow.

    also i removed the stock license plate holder (which makes the bike look like it had a scooter for a mom) and did the under-seat plate holder.  now, the rear tire comes up and crushes the plate from time to time.

    now, that stock rear fender/plate holder keeps the water off your back too, so, the gains in aesthetics do come with a very palpable cost in function.





    the bikes those guys are riding in the asian videos are probably rentals, or those guys are rich and don’t care what they do to their machines.  they’re good riders but they are destroying those svarti’s.  those riders are also small and light, in addition to talented. I mean wow look what those svartpilen are capable of! Right?  now go see what good riders on harley’s can do in some vintage videos with street rubber.

    the harley’s made it too, but damn, bring an XR or KTM or something.




    This lil bike goes off-road just fine as long as you respect it’s limitations.. But then that’s half the fun… I could easily go buy and enduro bike but that’s just not the point of it…

    This is a great project I’ve been modifying for a while now.. just coz….

    Can’t seem to post an image which is a shame… I’ve changed tyres, converted to tubeless, raised the bars, changed the exhaust,Added a Nitron rear shock and stiffened the forks, added a powertronic, crash bars, rad guard, modifiers the rear mudguard, done loads to it…

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    @halftwin wise words, especially about how you certainly shouldn’t hit potholes at speed, lack of front travel (and soft suspension) etc. And yes most bikes are actually more off road capable than what we might think (there are even some videos of guys ripping trails on old school goldwings out there), to the extent that almost all of them can be ridden on fire/gravel road, if it’s done with some precautions and skill. But I think the Svartpilen is a bit more capable than just that, being so nimble and light. The Korean guys from the video are riding faster than my likes for this type of terrain, but the svart can definitely tackle this type of trails without any risks at a slower pace. All in all this bikes versatility is really great.

    I think the pictures you can post on this forum must be less than 2 Mo. I had trouble uploading mine at first but now I always reduce their size. I’d love to see some pictures of your bike !


    The Svart’s are very low and nimble so they do fine in light and slow stuff as long you feather the clutch. I take it into my woods all the time.

    I find the suspension travel too short and stiff (even at softest setting).

    I have been toying the idea of using the KTM 390 Adventure’s suspension because they are “decent” on gravel and woods riding.

    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    Hi guys!

    so I live in the countryside, it’s easy to be tempted to do some non urban exploration…

    there are some trails by woods and in between fields which I have ridden twice, always after some rain so with mud.

    Well, I’m here to write about it, I made it home alright!

    Bubi Pilen Mud

    I have only ever been in these roads with the Jeep or by foot and I am still familiarising with the bike, have to say the traction control is cool and the lightness makes things easier. The tyres do ok although I am still quite scared of mud puddles, the bike does wobble a bit…

    I am thinking of getting higher bars… and the radiator grille just arrived today. It’s a work in progress.



    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    and this is the trail in the woods.

    Ah, need to find some grippier footpegs, the standard ones are way slippery!

    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    bubi pilen offroad

    The Pilen is loads of fun off road! I fffing love it!

    I feel the footpegs are very slippery when wet so I have ordered motocross ones, plus handlebar risers because when I stand up I feel I am crouching too much.

    I am surprised the Pilen came without the radiator grille, I really can’t fathom it… and yes, I bought one!

    pilen in the fields

    I lie in the country and have some dirt roads around the fields and woods of the area, so I guess it was just meant to be. My plan is to build a dirt track in our orchard to have fun with the kids. The elder boy saved enuf to buy a minicross so it’s a lot of fun.

    follow my italian blog guys!


    how is that tail piece holding up ? surprised it hasnt broken off on the dirt roads.i will also be riding my bike on gentle off road stuff, but the tail piece has to be sorted first.


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