Svartpilen 701 Spring Rates v. Duke 690R

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    With both bikes sharing the same frame, similar weight and identical 150mm suspension travel front and rear, why are the standard spring rates so different? Has anyone tried different spring rates for thew Svartpilen 701? I find it rather firm for a 150 mm travel on rough roads.

    Svartpilen 701 fork springs 4.5 … 10.7 N/mm (progressive springs)

    Svartpilen 701 shock 90 N/mm

    Duke 690R fork springs 6.5 N/mm

    Duke 690R shock 75 N/mm for normal linear spring.


    Is this a trick question cause they’re different bikes with different setups?


    I appreciate that, Steve, but I am trying to set up the Svartpilen suspension to suit me better. The Svartpilen 701 and Duke 690R are very similar under their styled skins. If the weight and suspension travel is similar, one would expect similar spring rates. But even with 9.5 N/mm springs my front forks only use 105 mms of their potential 150 mm travel. I have now fitted 8.0 N/mm springs as the softest I can source here in New Zealand. When I have tried them out on our bumpy back roads I shall report back. Has anyone else tried different spring rates in the forks?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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