Svartpilen 701 owner. How do I check the oil color/consistency?

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    Do I need to do anything special to check the color/consistency of the oil?  I see in the manual how to check the level but wondering how to check to see how dark/grimey it is.  I’m assuming it’s the same on the svartpilen 701 as the vitpilen 701.


    Don’t worry about it. Just replace the oil and filters with quality stuff according to the maintenance schedule. Then you’ll know it’s good. While you’re at it, look for metal shavings in the screens, there should be basically nothing.
    No point in trying to read tea leaves by looking at old oil.


    After 6 weeks and some upseting, I got my bike back. They changed the ABS unit, wiring and the dashboard. But now it works !

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Oil color/grimeyness means nothing. If you really want to know more about your oil condition you should send samples to a lab, like Blackstone Labs.

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