Svartpilen 401 vs BMW G 310GS – time to buy – decisions, decisions…

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    Hello all,

    I’m looking to purchase a bike next week and I need to make a decision to purchase either a Svartpilen or the BMW 310GS.   They’re roughly the same price out the door.  I’ll be riding 95% on the street and the little “off road” riding would be on gravel or dirt roads.   I’ve taken a test ride on the BMW and liked it just fine.  I still haven’t tested the Svartpilen though that would happen next week.  Let’s say I like it just as much as the baby GS Beemer…

    The Svart is quicker and lighter but the BMW might be more reliable – maybe.

    Interested in knowing anyone’s thoughts, rants, or opinions on which way to go!



    Tough choice. It’s gonna depend on the look you’re going for. Both bikes have pro and cons.

    The 310 is roomier, and is just as flickable as the svart.

    Built quality is on par if not better on the BMW. Reliability wise, the svart’s platform is already proven. Coming from the 390 platform, all the heat issues have been ironed out.

    The svart’s engine is punchier and doesn’t need to be revved out to get something out of it. That’s a big plus for me.

    Big cons about the 310GS, It’ll always be looked as the “baby GS” and not  full fledge motorcycle in its own right.


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    Not a tough choice; go with the Husky. I believe the Svartpilen to be a better build quality than the BMW and more reliable. Much faster off the line, up the hill, through the twisties, and the the straight aways.

    Take a look at the recent number of product recalls BMW has had to endure. Also read the reviews (the really honest ones where there is no quid pro quo) and you’ll see the G310 is found to be wanting in almost every category:  less than stellar torque, shifts clunky, awkward ergonomics. I have owned several different BMW bikes (G650, R1150, F800) and I was generally pleased with them – to the point of boredom. This is my third Husky (TR650, 630SMS, and now the Svartpilen 401) and the pleasure received is far superior.


    I did my bike training on the standard G310, and there is nothing wrong with the bike per se… But it is chalk and cheese compared to the fun of the Svart.

    I also liked the look of the 401s more and just felt more at home on them. I am a shorter rider so the G310 actually fit a bit better, but even that was not enough to sway me.

    -Johan (p.s. I might be a bit biased)


    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to say Thank You for all of the responses!

    I posted an almost identical message on a G310GS forum and I received good responses there as well.
    Of course, each side could be called “bias”… but I choose to call it “informed”.

    One writer brought up a very valid point and that was to look into what kind of issues KTM Duke and RC390 owners have experienced with their bikes.  It was eye opening as many had a multitude of issues that Vit/Svartpilen riders have encountered.  Primarily, bike shutdown while downshifting and computer management gremlins.  Overheating was a big problem that seems to have been fixed with 2018 KTM models.  Coincidentally, today, I ran into a (2015) KTM RC390 rider and practically ambushed him in the parking lot and asked a lot of questions regarding his experiences.  He had nothing to complain about and loved the RC and was happy to have it.  He mentioned that he didn’t like how the engine brakes when you let go of the throttle, but beyond that he was more than satisfied with it.

    Now the BMW?  It has its own host of issues.  Some that have been mentioned here and a host of others. Also, It is’t a Dakar or a Sertao by any means (on that note, I passed up on a pristine and well-farkled Sertao about 2 weeks ago as I am cursed with a lack of height- thought I’d make a great jockey or F1 driver!) though the 310GS does have a bit going for it in its lack of weight.  The advantage the BMW has is the plethora of accessories – which leads me into a whole other issue and that to make the 310GS the bike I want it to be it will immediately cost another $2,500-3,000US in add-ons.

    For the Svartpilen? Bar end mirrors and an Akra exhaust and I’m good to go! – for now 😉

    I’m off to the dealer tomorrow and I might just come home with one 🙂

    Thanks again!


    I test drived the G310 before buying the Svartpilen, and it’s a boring ride compared to the huski.

    and like kungfupoulet said, the 401 doesn’t need to be revved out to get something out of it and it’s very appreciable on daily use, you can cruise at low RPM, doesn’t to always change gear.

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