Svartpilen 401 Track Bike / Back Road Blaster

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    Hello all!

    I’ve lingered here since mid 2019 now but never got round to posting my 2019 Svartpilen 401 that was delivered new at the end of August 2019. I personally don’t like the look of the bike in stock form, but knew that just a few simple modifications would transform the look completely.

    Here it is the day it was delivered.

    First modification was the exhaust as the stock exhaust is just too quiet. I didn’t want the Akrapovic as it’s mega expensive and still fairly quiet, so went with the Leo Vince.

    Then the mirrors had to go, which were replaced with the genuine Husqvarna bar end mirrors. I took it for a quick spin on some mild green lanes.

    Then the part I hated the most on the Svartpilen is the rear number plate holder. However here in the UK all of the off the shelf tail tidy’s protrude from the rear light (to be able to fit a 9×7 plate on) which I also I didn’t like. So I made my own out of 3mm Steel, and fitted a 6×4 flexi plate.

    Overall view of it with the exhaust, mirrors and tail tidy. It’s getting there looks wise!

    It was always my plan to change the wheels, and after 1100 miles I bent both the stock wheels on a sunken drain cover mid corner. Luckily I had new wheels ready to go on, so on they went.

    I fitted Dunlop SportSmart TT tyres which are the control tyre in the CB500 racing in the UK, so an ideal tyre for fast road/track use on the Svartpilen as it’s similar power and weight to the CB.

    Now the bike was ready to go and test out on track, so I fitted R&G tank grips, and removed the mirrors.

    Off to Bedford Autodrome with my mate on my old ZX7R for his first trackday.

    I’ve got to say, this bike is one of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden. I have owned a GSXR1000 k8 for over 5 years now and usually ride a GSXR600 K9 on track, but riding quickly is certainly not just for the superbikes out there, the Svartpilen can hold its own in most environments (just not straight lines). At Bedford I could hit the limiter in 6th on the long straight at 118mph (indicated) and continue on the limiter way beyond many other riders who overtook my down the straight and outbreak them into the chicane. I think because the bike isn’t very serious I had more fun messing about on it all day. The only complaint is the rear shock, which sits very close to the exhaust and after a while gets too hot and the rebound goes through the roof. This is somehting I want to change at some point.

    Other than that I’ve just been riding and enjoying it, and the only other thing I’ve changed is the battery as within a year it died completely and isn’t covered under warranty. I’m tempted to pursue Husqvarna on the bent wheels under warranty as they clearly aren’t the best quality. But I feel that I’ll get nowhere with that!

    Last few pics from tail end of last year.


    Thanks for having a butchers through this post, I’ll keep it updated with any future changes I make!


    I enjoyed your post, and your bike is sweet! They are a rare sight on UK roads aren’t they! Mine gets plenty of looks on my commute.

    I swapped to cast alloy wheels too, and I like your wheel rim stickers, nice touch!

    Now I know how the bike looks without the semi-knobbly tyres on it, and it looks good. I was worried that sport tyres wouldn’t suit it’s chunky looks but I’m wrong. I’m thinking of swapping to Conti Trail Attack tyres when my stock Scorpions run out.

    You should fit a Healtech quickshifter for track use, I’m thinking of fitting one myself. That tiny number plate tho! I’d get pulled pronto where I live, it’s chocka with average speed cameras and they are hot on plates.

    I went up a tooth on my rear sprocket and fitted a Rekluse clutch, and now my bike is untouchable in the 0 to 30mph sprint in traffic.

    I agree with you, the bike handles superbly, best handling bike I’ve ridden. So light and agile, always a joy to hustle through the city.

    I’d be interested to know how you plan to stop the exhaust heat soak into the rear shock.


    Hello man; looks good. Great tyres. Not selling those here. I use the bike only on the road so I am changing the bars for the vitpilen clip ons and the small flyscreen (but is too expensive) to have better riding better mileage and better speed.

    Yesterday I did the ton but was in the night so I could not saw exactly the RPMs but not red light so my question is what is the max safety RPMs for these engines? Do the red light appears in that situation?



    Loving the look of the Dunlops.

    What sort of mileage have you managed to get out of them ?

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