Svartpilen 401 Reliability and maintenance Cost – Need some advice

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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been riding my scooter very long time, but with 39 years i finally decided to go driving school to get my licence for real Motor.

    I am looking for starter bike for myself ( when i get the licence ). I found out about Svartpilen 2 weeks and i was blown away by it looks and little off road ( dirt road ) capability. My first pick was Yamaha MT 07.
    I will go to look used one from 2018.

    Would you be so kind to tell me how reliable are these bikes? Did you have any problems or repairs? Are they expensive for maintenance?

    The most thing that scares me that it uses KTM motor from duke 390. All the KTM Duke owners told me that they had so much problems with their bikes and that i never buy KTM ( especially the ones assembled in India ).

    I would love to hear your experiences and advices.

    Thank you so much.

    Kind regards from Croatia.


    My 2019 Vitpilen 401 has been flawless since I bought it 2 months ago.  I’ve put 600 miles on it.  I’ve heard of issues on the 2018s due to a software issue,but it has been resolved.  Svartpilen 701 had gas tank issues (w/recalls) and clutch issues.


    2019 Svartpilen owner here, with around 2500 miles, and zero issues thus far. Love the engine.




    Previously I had a GS550, a VFR750 and a ZX6R and put a lot of miles on them all.

    Now I am really enjoying my Svartpilen, it was exactly what I was looking for.

    For a ktm husky naked scrambler type the Svartpilen is definitely an awesome bike.

    It makes no sense for me to compare it though; with any of my previous bikes.

    My recommendation would be finding what fits your current needs the best, and then that will be the best bike for you.



    I have my Svart 401 model 2018 for 1,5 years and have 3000km (only weekend fun rides).

    Never had any problem with it, it works flawless, starts in a second, get’s in neutral every time I want it to…

    But most of all: it’s the most FUN bike I have ever driven!!! You won’t regret buying one!

    Don’t worry and go buy one!


    I have owned my Svartpilen 401 from new for almost a year exactly. I have ridden 1200 miles total.

    I have had the following issues :

    – Bike supplied with the chain so loose it was almost falling off the sprocket. I fixed this myself.

    – Random “CAN ABS failure” message flickers on the display every now and then. I just ignore it as nothing bad actually happens and the dealer cannot fix the issue and can’t find anything wrong with the bike.

    – Moisture on the inside of the display screen. I am just ignoring this for now.

    – “Range to empty” reading was useless, for instance it went from a range of 360 miles (yes!) to 90 miles to zero miles in one 30 minute ride. The dealer was able to improve this functionality a bit with a software update, enough to make it just about OK on a good day. I basically ignore it and use the trip meter now.

    – Fuel level gauge never read any more than 3/4 full, and dropped to empty way too quickly. I fixed this myself because the dealer couldn’t. Made a tool to bend the float rod in-situ, see my separate post about this.

    I love the bike enough to forgive it’s little foibles. It is so nice to ride, so light, so nimble, so MUCH FUN I LOVE IT! It fits me and my small stature so well, it looks awesome, it’s rare and unusual. It’s quick enough for my commute to work, and has bags of character. I can’t think of another bike I could replace it with.

    My advice, test ride it. If you like it buy it!


    Thank you so much for your replays and your advises.

    What scares me the most is that some of the bikes have problems and some don’t…like there is problem with quality control, because i’ve read on forum in my country that some people have similar problems.

    The bike is not cheap and because of crazy situation with virus i would like to buy something that is reliable.



    Over 3000 miles and I have only had an oil change – no issues.


    I even take mine on mild off road/gravel and through woods.

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