Svartpilen 401 or 701.

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    Looking at the svartpilen 401 or 701.

    I like the looking of the 401 more, but think I may need the larger engine/size. I’m 5’10 165lbs. Thoughts?

    Any adult men on the 401 similar height/weight?

    My previous bike is a 1982 KZ750 LTD modded cafe style

    Thanks All

    AvatarWyatt House

    Hey man, Iā€™m 6ā€™2 195 and I have the Vitpilen 401 and I love it. Even though it is only a 400 plenty of torque especially for non expressway driving. I still take mine on the express way just fine. If you have to money to spend double on the 701 go for it, but for the money the 401 is worth it.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I’m 6ft and 155lbs and ride the Svartpilen 401. I sized up the Vit701 but didn’t want to spend the extra on what was supposed to be a fairly cheap mess about bike that could pretty much do it all.</p>

    I love the 401, it has a tall seat height and because its only geared to do ~120mph its performance is great. It pulls awesome 2nd gear wheelies and you can use all 45bhp all of the time. This is comparing it to my gsxr1000 that can do 101mph in 1st gear, so to get max power I have to be well over any UK speed limit. I don’t know what the 0-60 time is on the 401 but it certainly isn’t slow!

    It really depends what sort of riding you’ll be doing, I wouldn’t spend hours on the motorway on mine, but for back roads and A roads it’s pretty much the perfect bike for me.


    Yo! Go for the 701. Just sold my 401 vitpilen, and bought the svartpilen 701.

    To different bikes. Svartpilen 701 is longer, more power and torque.

    the seat is wider and the riding posisjon is better.

    loved my 401 vitpilen with svartpilen steering kit, but 701 svartpilen is just insane!!!

    the power….. omg!!!

    you have to try it out…….

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    Hello; I decided to participate due to all videos and opinions say that the 401 have power etc. I have one and I do not see any power…I mean; is “instantly” fast and responsive but is not powerful; in fact I do not see any small bike powerful yet.

    MJ; you say that you have a 1000cc; I have old 750s Triumph, I bought this one due to have almost the same amount of ponies but…nothing similar at all.

    I am not disappointed, but you are confusing power with great tuning (and plenty of RPMs) of these engines.

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