Svartpilen 401 – Engine Cuts Out [VIDEO]

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    Copenhagen Husky

    Hello there!

    Before I bought my Husky in April 2020 I used this forum to read about the possible engine issues with this motorcycle. I went on to buy the motorcycle afterall and have not regret (regretted?) my decision since then! Without a doubt the most fun motorcycle I have ever driven!

    BUT … the engine has cut out on me four times now over the past ~2.500 KM. It has happened in vastly different scenarios, but this time I had my GoPro on and caught it.

    You can see the video here:

    I have looked through the footage, and my best bet is that the engine was too cold to handle a quick shift up into 4th gear and relatively low speed. I had only been riding for about 4-5 minutes at the time it happened. I do the same thing at 2:08 in the video though and therefore it seems odd if it is the case – unless the motor of course got a little hotter while the motorcycle was stopped.

    I thought it would be interesting to share the video here to get peoples input on what might have caused this?

    I have had no issues with the motorcycle today and it is my daily commuter.

    Best regards,
    Copenhagen Husky


    Maybe a battery not tight enough or “valve clearance” trapped during overhaul of 1000km.

    It’s just a guess.. the case of the battery already happened to me but the engine shut off 10 seconds after starts. So for the “valve clearance” it’s the classic symptom, the bike shut off especialy when the engine is hot. Try to put that on the Husky guarentee at your dealeur.

    Cheeeerz from France!

    Copenhagen Husky

    Hi Balti.

    Thank you! I will definitely mention that when it goes into the next service, but since it happens on very rare occasions, I don’t think I will take it before that.

    Did you have one that needed the valve clearance fixed?

    Cheers from Denmark!


    Have you tried not filling the fuel up to the max?


    Copenhagen Husky

    Hi B.I.Savage

    Yeah, I did see somewhere on here that someone else had had a similiar issue that seemed to be fixed with not filling the tank all the way up.

    I will try to go by that suggestion and see whether or not the engine cuts out over the next couple of weeks.

    Best regards,
    Copenhagen Husky.


    I fill it now based on the noise it makes.

    When it’s on the kickstand, I stop when it sounds like a bottle filling up full; at that point, when looking the level, the fuel is bit below the black plastic in the tank.

    After reading the apparent reasons as to why this happens with and “overfull” tank, it seems logical.

    Copenhagen Husky

    Alright. And you have not experienced issues with it stopping every since?


    Hopefully I dont jinx it, but yeah.

    Used to happen frequently, hasn’t happened since.

    Guages still read 7 bars (not 8…) after adding fuel with this method, same as before.

    On the downside it is probably about a 10km range decrease.



    I had the same problem 3 times this year (last one this weekend). But it is a bit different as I cannot turn on the bike straight after. It might start again but cannot hold on and stop again. I can only make it work again after 30min, and hour maybe.

    If I start it, keep accelerating a bit to keep it on and try to drive, I might be able to drive 10 m and then same thing happens.

    I am gonna bring it to the dealership to check what can be the problem. I’ll show them your video as an example of what it does but that I cannot start it again straight after.


    I had the issue a few times and have started doing things I’ve learned on this forum.  Since doing these things, the bike has been flawless.

    • Do not over fill the gas tank
    • Wait 5-10 seconds after deactivating the kill switch before you start the bike.  (Believed to allow the ECU to boot up property)
    • Check all connections to the battery, frame grounds, starter relay, and ECU.
    • If you have a scan device, scan for codes. ( A failing crankshaft position sensor might not throw a code, but will prevent starting the bike intermittently until it completely fails and the bike will not start until you replace it)
    • Valve clearance check
    • Clutch adjustment
    • 02 sensor (the time between it allowing you to restart the motor might be the time it takes the sensor to cool down.

    I’m not a bike mechanic, but I hope this helps.  It’s a great bike once you get all the gremlins out!


    Not sure if this is too late but I ran into a problem with the bike stalling when coming to stops at around 1500 miles. The clutch also started to slip around this time so I took it back to the dealer. They adjusted the clutch but couldn’t figure out the stalling problem and reached out to Husky. The response was to change the spark plug out which is what they did. Had two techs take it out and verify that it solved the problem. Not sure what it was with the spark plug but it hasnt stalled on my since i got it back.


    Just in case this is helpful to the group. I was having the same problem with my bike. It just all of a sudden wouldn’t start.

    I figured that it was the battery, so I began to pull mine out so I could go swap it for a new one, and as I went to loosen the battery posts, I noticed that they were finger tight at most.

    I tightened the posts and haven’t had a problem since.

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