Svartpilen 401 2017/18 or 2021

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    I’m in the market for buying a Svartpilen 401. I now have 2 options:

    1: buy a 2017/18 model, almost new for around 4000 euro’s

    2: buy a brand new 2021 model which is 2000 euro’s more expensive.


    What are the major differences and what would you experts recommend?


    Thnx in advance


    get one from 2017-2019 with extended warranty



    I had the same thoughts as yours and just made my decision. Here is what I can put on the table on the differences froç my research:

    – Fab location:

    Austria at KTM factory for 2018/2019 models  VS   India at Bajaj factpry (Long term KTM partner). No major issue with Indian factory, mainly screw torques issue (too tight or too loose according to people who made some mods on their bikes)

    – Assembly parts:

    Someparts are directly from KTM for 2018/2019, then from Bajaj after (handle bar, air filter box,…). At KTM they used high quality torx screws, now allens.

    – Design:

    From 2020models, the subframe, hence the pillion seat, is extended by 4cm. Nice for the pillion, but not a revolution for this bike which is not a good duo-bike anyway.

    Color and logo change, no more flashy yellow strip except on the radiator. Wheels changed from white to black.

    – Features

    2020 models and above have the Quickshifter (only good in sporty driving from what I read). Also have a fully adjustable front suspension.

    They also completely change the exhaust routing causing two issues. First is the ground clearance, loosing 2,5cm if I’m correct, which is a pity if you plan off-road, even light. Second is the difficulty to find after-market exhaust solutions ( at least for now). No high mount exhaust possible.

    That’s all I have!  Thanks to all the posters on this forum whom I got information from.

    Having that said, the new features did not break the price difference for a bike that is made in EU. Hence, I chose the 2019 model and will get it tomorrow!




    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Well I test rode a 2019 svart 401 but bought a new 2021 model.</p>
    I’d go for the 2021 because

    – the quickshifter is great, albeit more for the higher gears

    – the pillion seat is usuable rather than token

    – the adjustable suspension is much more tunable to the ride you want.

    – the 2019 indicators are downright dangerous. Cars just didnt see me indicate direction.

    Everything else is a matter of styling which wasnt a factor for me.

    Hope that helps



    Hello fella; last model is better no doubt. The designers heard all the previous problems and fixed most.

    The re routing of the exhaust was done because the many problems associated to the ECU heating too much.

    Besides all the stuff you mentioned, you have also an anti hopping clutch; the capacitor has a cover. Not all the new 401 have the adjustable forks; depends on the market.

    If you talk about the quality; most issues are in the 701 that is made in the KTM factory…go figure.


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