Svartpilen 200 Compability Questions

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    Hey Husky experts. I recently purchased the 2020 Svart 200 in Singapore and have been doing some research online in regards to compatible parts across the 200 / 250 & 401 *tried the search function here too

    Alot of the aftermarket parts fit as they are using a lot of the same parts.

    I’m wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the following questions I cant seem to find any answers to:

    1. The 200 comes without a slip on exhaust – the 250 comes with 1 which apparently is compatible with the 401 slip on. Can any experts here tell me if 200 can take the same exhaust ie: akrapovic

    2. Apparently modeled with the same parts as the Duke 200 would the same ECU piggyback tunes for Duke 200 work with the Svart 200?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. These are amazing bikes!




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