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    Still wondering what the heck i should do…

    Wondering if spending 2.5k on custom suspension is worth it for this bike… mine is just straight up busted and suck…

    Only if i had waited for the 2020 model with adjustable wp!!!



    I’m kinda dissapointed, too. Though the fork is adjustable despite the spring preload which is what I lack…


    if it dribbles like a ball this means the rebound is not correct..that is not how the suspension should be.
    Something is broken inside then.

    its an easy system, so its strange that your suspension GURU doesnt know this.
    rebuilding it costs like 250 euro’s and thats with all new seals and oil at a shop.

    i would like to see a video of your bike dribbeling  and not providing any dampning


    The guys who worked on my bike know more about suspension then most shops. They set it up custom for the rider, and for racers, its the main focus of their business. i trust them.

    They adjusted the preload for me and it helped a little, but still dribbles and is unholy off balanced from front to back.

    Since you mentioned it is likely broken, I thi k im gonna go for a drive to a WP fork shop just so they can look at it. For a few hundred they said they can “service” them, but nothing they can really change. The WP service center said the WP forks I have are extremely budget… so maybe atleast I can get some sort of answer from them, even if they dont work on them.

    Thanks for the input. Sounds like something is off or busted. Gonna look into this more!


    So…I also own a 2019 Svartpilen

    I immediatelly noticed the suspension was on the budget side (I test rode the 390 Duke before buying the Svartpilen) so I knew it was adequate, just.

    I rode it for 2000km on OEM tires, then switched to M7RRs and this already had a massive positive change.

    I weight 85kg (90 with gear) and I am a fast road rider as my primary bike is a 1290GT.

    I think the main issue are the spring rates, they are set up for 65-70kg riders and with a “heavy” agressive rider you will “cook” the oil. I know mine was fully exhausted at 5000km when I had custom suspension done.
    I spent about 1,7k € and have a fully custom suspension now it has

    Misano Evo forks from the duke390 with matched springs, racing oil and Ohlins valves
    Custom WP rear shock with a 180N spring (the shock looks OEM but it is radically different)

    This bike is now a weapon on twisty roads and can keep up with my 1290SuperDuke and mates who have similar power bikes. Even of the OEM suspension and street tires it was possible but I needed to be very delicate on the front and use lots of rear brake to keep the front from diving too much

    I think just by changing the springs you could get massive gains and putting better oil as well

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