Stock vs Leo Vince LV-10

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    Hi all, since I could not find this when I was looking around I made a video of the difference of sound with just changing the end muffler from stock to Leo Vince LV-10.

    Of course it is hard to hear the difference in a crappy mic, but I tried to rev the engine the same way and checked a Decibel app, 98 db was max for stock, 113 db for just replacing the stock with the Leo Vince LV-10.
    Also I think i saved 1 or 2 kilos since the Leo Vince has nothing inside more or less.


    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    hey cool! I opted for the LV10 as well, was a little held back because it does not have a db killer, but then all my other bikes have open exhausts so… wtf! and it’s not like I’d fit one the minute I get pulled over by the cops!

    so anyway, I think it is a really good alterative because it is short, it really fits the bike well, where eerything is small and essential.

    Of course I too made a video, let me try and link it up

    full blog about essential mods (in Italian) blog post about new exhaust


    before during and after new exhaust video link

    the bike looks fab imho..


    I got lv10 too but black one and it sounds great. Not too loud with a perfect db at all rev range

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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