Stalling with half a tank constantly


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    Hey Husky friends,

    Looking for an insight here.

    Long story short, I bought a 2019 Vitpilen 701 ~2months ago and really quickly I started to get a stalling issue.
    Basically, after a full tank, I could stall out riding the bike anywhere between 80 km to 125 km.
    It happened 4 times, so nothing random here.

    I did my best to check hoses myself, testing riding the bike with the gas cap open etc… in case it’s vacuum issue but the problem always came back.

    Luckily still under warranty for now, brought the bike to the original dealer and they couldn’t reproduce the issue.

    Then I remember that the owner told me, he changed the exhaust only a few weeks before selling the bike to me and barely rode with the Leovince lv-10, my issue never happened to him.

    So I start wondering if it’s not the Leovince lv-10 creating an ariflow issue making the bike to run lean.
    He gave me the original one so I’m planning to try the original one.

    But the Leovince lv-10 is a slip-on exhaust and shouldn’t modify the airflow much.

    So I wonder what you guys are thinking about it.

    Thanks for reading!

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