Stability issues – aka. Human Parachute?


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    I’ve asked this question over on the Svartpilen side and wanted to get some input from you Vitpilen folks, too.

    My issue is that at anything over 130km/h the front of the bike becomes wobbly. I’ve worked with the mechanics on solving this by re-tightening the steering head and re-balancing the wheels completely. Being an extremely light weight bike, we’ve also preloaded the rear by 2 clicks up to make it more nose heavy and force the bike to be more grounded at higher speeds.

    I tuck and wrestle the handlebars down as much as I can but it feels like the damn thing wants to take off and I’m about to enter a slalom competition. Next up are new tyres, as I’ve experimented with pressure enough by now. Just wanted to get some more feedback from you guys here in order to try and narrow down the possible factors.

    What’s your bike feel like on the highway/motorway/Autobahn?


    wrestle the handlebars


    That could be the problem. Try to loosen your grip, just rest your palms on the bars and grip the tank with your knees.

    My Vit 701 is perfectly stable at over 200km/h.


    Max Kool

    This is a 401. I hear many people about instability at higher speed (check the facebook groups).

    it’s light, and has a short wheelbase…

    Daniel Taylor

    ive been over 100MPH with no issues.

    sorry does not help you much.


    16 tooth front sprocket lets me hit  111mph without issues.  Like @Nampus said, you should have a light grip on the bars.


    I had mine between exits on a decent stretch of the autobahn;

    Pinned at 180 kmph in the slow lane for more than 15 minutes straight.

    When you have problems with stability on a bike that hasn’t been dumped, set your sag and check your tire pressure.


    I also found that the windshield makes the bike feel “bigger” at high speed, and kinda helps optimize where you put your body automatically as you stay out of the buffeting.


    Don’t “wrestle” the handlebar, just don’t hold firmly to it at higher speed. The first times I rode the bike at over 130 kph I also found it to be wobbly and once I loosened my grip I hadn’t any issues even at 160 kph+.


    You may have a real mechanical issue (I don’t know) so don’t let me tell you that you don’t, but I used to experience something similar early in my riding career.  Sometimes it still gets me on occasion,  When riding faster I would tend to forget to look further ahead, which would mean my steering inputs were very reactionary and twitchy.  This was completely unknown to me.  I swore I had chassis issues until a more experienced rider told me to try looking further down the road and loosen up before investing in a steering damper.  I tried it a few times and found the difference remarkable.  That being said I also used to have a Suzuki Savage that was prone to speed wobble at anything above 77mph.  No remedy was ever found I just cracked the throttle and held on.  That was not a performance bike by any stretch of the imagination but I beat the hell out of it just the same. Svartpilens are much better machines than that Savage though, I would expect better.  All of our Huskies are very light but that should not, and in my experience, does not make them unstable.


    after my first constant 120kmh ride on the svart401, i found out that were 2fingers on front brake gives some relief  to the automatic wrestle that happen riding next to large trucks that banging wind waves around…

    changed suspension on 8 clicks up which feels much harder ,but bit more stable compare to stock setting.

    just checked the weight levels  and add 10ish kg on top

    remove handlebarswheigt and use side mirror pointing down which feels not so bad cutting the air both sides and i guess some engineering team calculated the difference behavior ,not sure if that’s a recommendation cause new svart/vit do not have same handlebar weights but some type of shaking were gone immediately…

    still some knobby feeling sometimes  de-pence on asphalt  type ,the 80 nano is the best

    but everyone will tell difference experience ending with :its allot about being as one with your bike in terms of body position/angle & prospective view as shohn john mention already

    Guess a vit  has some pro in therms of short highway runs compare to the svart




    i had a twitchy feeling with the vit 401 aswell when i just got it.

    first thing i did was lower the forks in the fork clamps, i set them flush with the top clamp (they were sticking out +2 lines)

    much better now, also, try experimenting with tyre pressure 0.1 bar at a time lowering  (if set at 2.0 bar).


    May not be of much help but anything above 70mph on mine cross winds can really affect me on the hwy. I used to ride dirt bikes never street bikes so maybe im holding the grips to tight like mentioned above. But yes I do def get wobbling on the interstate at higher speeds.


    Sounds like you are gripping way to tight and causing the bike to chatter.  I got my 401 up to 110mph this morning on the highway and it was an arrow, even with the wind one I laid down and soften my grip she ran smooth and fast.


    I set my rear preload to position 8 of 10. Problem solved.


    …bike is light; I am light. More than 300 days per year there are Wind here. I bought the bike month and a half ago or so and put 2000km. No changes to the bike; no tweaks on the suspensions nor on the tyres. I use the bike only on the road at strong constant speeds for long commuting.

    120-155km/h no any wobbling or stability problems.

    May be you are too tall and your stance on the bike is not the best?

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