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    Hi I am an new Svart 401 owner and have 1 problem and 1 concern.

    Problem:   Rear right turn signal popped off, I heard this is a common issue, how is it corrected?  I tried to push it back in but the fitment it tight and won’t pop back in place.

    Concern:  When I am in 1st the engine sounds/feels raspy, like a metal on metal feeling.  When I upshift to 2nd it is less so, smoother but sound/feel is still slightly there.  I have only 8 miles on it, does it go away with time like the dealer said the burning plastic smell does?


    @X1, I bought mine used with 106 miles on it, and I can’t say the engine feels or sounds like any metal on metal is happening. I’d check the oil to be safe, although I can’t imagine you’ve burned anything signficant in 8 miles.

    I did get the burning plastic smell on my ride home from the seller’s place. I got a different burn-y smell the other day when I got caught in the rain, but I haven’t smelled any burnt plastic since that first real ride.  I’ve got about 540 miles on it as I type this.  Might have been the stupid stickers on the motor.

    I had the same issue with the rear left signal. They’re fugly and I was going to replace them with LEDs anyway, so that was my fix. I tried to pop the OEM one back on both on and off the bike and I just can’t get it to snap.  I’d be happy to mail you mine for the cost of postage if you aren’t ready to swap out for aftermarket yet.  Wires are cut.

    That said, it’s frankly BS that it happens at all, so if you have the time, I’d see if you can get it repaired/replaced under warranty.


    Remove the small screw on the backside of the turn signal indicator.  Remove the clear lense.  Then remove the silver reflector housing and you’ll see how that part has a channel which slides over and attaches to the mounting stalk.   This is the reason you can’t just “push” it back on without disassembly.

    This comes apart like this as a safety feature so they don’t snag on things and drag the bike down with it…



    No clue about your noise though, super hard to diagnose something like that over the internet…


    Oh, well that was an easy fix. Shame on me for not looking closer at it.

    @X1 how’s the noise?


    @X1 First thing I would check is the oil level.

    Second would be is the clutch dragging a bit?


    Fixed the light, it was exactly as you all recommended ty. The metal on metal sound dissipated, I’m thinking it’s just new bike jitters for me. This is my first new vehicle ever.

    I do have a problem though… Tonight I go and turn on the bike, starts easily but while the bike stand was down I accidentally hit the shift pedal into 1st and the bike stalled.

    All good except when I click it back in neutral and turn her on, the engine turns for a second but won’t start. I get the following error on the screen, Canbus Gear error.

    I try it again a few times and nothing. Hit the cut off switch, make sure she’s still in neutral and turn her off.

    I wait 30 min and she starts up normal.

    Should I be worried about this “canbus gear” error?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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