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    Hi all,
    I have been reading you for a long time but I have not decided to participate until now. I’ve been spinning for a while now to change my bike and style for something much lighter and sporty with medium-low cylinder capacity. After more than 25 years with large displacement custom bikes, I feel like returning to my beginnings with some coffee racer style. I have tried almost all the market options and the one that has stuck in my head is the vitpilen, just the least practical of all. I think that within this sector is the one that has the highest quality of components and careful assembly and that is important for me. I read in this forum that there are hardly any mechanical incidents, even taking into account that it is not a spectacular sales motorcycle and that is also important. so not to bore you, I summarize, I have put to sell my current bike to buy a 401 vitpilen, I hope to return soon and be able to contribute my experiences to the community.

    I have small questions to ask.

    What is the actual consumption that you have noticed?

    some oil consumption?

    some remarkable incidence?

    I have read the maintenance manuals, both the vitpilen and the duke 390 and as I imagined they are practically the same.
    Fortunately, both the Husqvarna and the KTM councilors are less than 20 km from my house.


    Thanks in advance


    It will depends on your riding style and environment I guess, for myself I ride exclusively in the city (15-20km daily) and the consumption is around 4,5L/100km but I’m only at 2000 km for now …

    I took it once on highway for a 35km ride and the estimation was around 400km with full tank (±9L) but I guess the fuel quality is important (?)


    My commuting consists of city riding essentially (I live in Paris). 13 kms back and forth. 5 days/week with some occasional errands here and there during the week-end. At the end of the week I’m at 2 bars of fuel left of the dashboard. That’s where I usually top up with approx. 1,5 liter left. I let you do the math.

    Other than that, no major issue with the bike. But I wish the tank was a liter or two bigger.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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