Soft Luggage Options for the Vit 701

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    Hey everyone…….

    So I am really eager to take the Vitpilen out on some summer weekend n week long rides but need some luggage big time.   Has anyone found some solid options in the soft luggage arena for the Vit for here in the States?  I am not enthusiastic for the $500 Husky option – seems both expensive and limited capacity.

    After looking about, I’m starting to think the Oxford P50Rs might be a working solution.  A pic of their version in blue is below (solid black also available).  Stats include 38L total capacity (50L total expanded), 19-25L per bag and I think workable dimensions for clearing the exhust – 17.7″ L x 11″ W (14.5″ W expanded) x 11″ H.  Clearly they’ll extend beyond the end of the pillion seat which would compromise the side angle visibility of the tail lamp but I think I have an easy solution for that.

    So, what do you think?  What are your choices?  Thanks for your thoughts! ……….M

    Oxford P50R Saddle Bags

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    Hi, I gave some ideas under the thread ‘Pillion bag options for Svartpilen’ on page 2 ( currently) so have a look there. Basically Givi tank bag plus Kriega dry pack on pillion seat. I think better and certainly cheaper than the Husqvarna branded luggage.


    +1 to the Kriega Drypack on the Pillion seat.  Got it and looks great. The straps fit under the seat so the install is really neat.

    I was also looking at the Oxford side bags but was unsure if they would clear the exhaust.  I was also concerned about the pillion footrests pushing the bags out to the sides too much.  Would love to see some pics if you get them!



    Hey Nick n SoCal………. so yea, +1 for the Kriega Drypack.  If I didn’t already have a Wolfman Wolf Tail Bag I’d consider.  As it is, she fits nicely on the rear pillion as well.  I secure front straps to the pillion footrests and the rear down underneith and around to the other side of the bag. Seems stable.

    As for the Oxfords, I opted to give them a try and placed the order yesterday.  The issue will be overall f-r length, but I think I have a trick to allow them to be mounted adequately rearward just behind the pillion footrests.  I’ll keep ya’s informed.  But yes, not impressed with the OEMs.

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