Slipping Out of 5th Under Acceleration

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    Another issue I’ve come across is that periodically, under medium/hard acceleration, the bike will slip out of 5th into a false neutral. It makes a terrible sound when this happens. The mechanic at the dealership in Langley, BC, Canada took a look at it. He was able to replicate the issue I was having on my bike and another one they had there waiting to be picked up.

    I was told that they saw nothing wrong with the bike mechanically, and it may be an ergonomic issue, i.e. I’m not shifting hard enough into 5th.

    Any other input is much appreciated!



    I’ve had the same issue multiple times on mine as well and not just in 5th. It’s embarrassing as hell at the track with your buddies watching. So here is the condition it happens in:

    Throttle is wide open. You upshift. False Neutral or goes back down into lower gear.

    I’ve suffered the same thing on my 1098S trackbike and it’s from not hitting the damn shift lever hard enough. Similar experience on ’17 & ’18 BMW S1000RRs

    I adjusted the shift lever on the 701 downward so there is about 1/8 of the available adjustment left. I’m not hyperextending my foot anymore trying to bang up a gear. With “Shift Assist” you really need execute with extreme prejudice.

    Going down it’s the same way. Did it twice on a ride yesterday. Just got lazy and didn’t smack it down hard enough.

    Never experienced a false neutral shifting using the no clutch roll off method. That seems to work just fine.

    420mi on the clock so far for reference.


    Mine is slipping out of 6 gear When using the quickshifter. This happend three times today under medium/hard acceleration. Not perfect timing When passing ofther cars..


    I had a false neutral between 5th and 6th today…

    Weißer Pfeil

    apparently its a known issue


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    Yes, it is known. I don’t know why the y didn’t fix it yet!

    I think I will use this product at the next service.


    I have had a lot of failed shifts from 5 to 6. Its a PITA when overtaking, I adjusted the shifter lower thinking it was me…Watching the video I see its the spring.

    Where do I order the spring? Is it from Germany?


    If somebody installs that stop spring, plz report back on how it helps.


    I don’t have slippage any issues in 5/6 but do feel it sometimes going to neutral (usually 2 > N).


    Hi 701ers

    I’ve have this fortified spring installed. But, as I haven’t had any 6 gear, when I picked up my bike, I can not compare about before/after. I also haven’t ridden the Vitpilen really hard since then, just one single time I had the issue of losing the gear. What I felt is, that I needed more force to put in the gears. I will report back, when winter is definitely gone here in Switzerland and when we can fly up the mountain roads again.



    Hi guys,

    Went out for a ride yesterday and this thing happened to me for the first time (3 times during the ride) on the 5th and the 6th. Very disturbing and dangerous if you are overtaking a car…

    Is one of you wrote to Husqvarna to know if they plan to do something about it ? If not, maybe they could accept that we replace it by the Pirateracing shift spring and still warrant the bike after it !


    Hi guys, an update.


    I ordered and had fitted the spring from Pirate racing.

    One month in and I have not experienced one slip at all. None.

    I used to frequently slip when changing 5th to 6th at speed.

    Initialy I thought the shift lever was to high so I adjusted it down so that I used more force shifting up. That is but the issue.

    the internal spring is the issue.


    I would highly recommend having the spring from pirate racing installed. I had my husky dealer mechanic fit it.

    I have all

    but forgotten about the slip issue and it has restored my confidence in the bike…


    Nice. Do you notice any difference in shifting outside of the slip fix? Outside of the rare slip, I really love how smooth and slick the clutch feels on this bike.


    You mean manually changing gear…not so much, does feel well put together though…


    i have done a lot of mods to it though, cat delete, New exhaust, rear mudguard off and tail tidy, and air box cover off, haven’t done the coober Ecu, would like to do a Li-ion battery and would love to have it tuned.

    i did buy new racing brake pads but didn’t fit them yet…


    i would luke more power but should probably learn how to ride better first 🙂


    I am having a similar issue with my 401 when shifting from 4th to 5th at high Revis it pops out of gear, pegs the limiter, and when I let back off it falls into 4th….

    Happens more with more chain sag.

    Anyone else hear if this on a 401, and do they make a spring for the small svartpilen too?

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