Slip on exhaust power comparisons

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    I am wondering and considering replacing the stock slip on for a more robust and powerful system, if such a system exists. I have been building bikes for many years and my experience with slip ons on a 4 stroke bike as a single “upgrade” has not yielded more power on the dunk, just more noise and some bikes I seen less than stock. My 2 stroke builds is a whole other story.

    Has anyone here in the forum upgraded their stock muffler with and after market from Coffman, JC, Delkevic etc as a stand alone mod ( i.e. no ECM mods, second muffler or cat removal) and run their bike on a dyno to see results?

    Please share any findings  I am running just a k&n filter , rest in stock




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    I found it kinda difficult to unlock power from this bike, K&N, full Leo Vince system with a Power Commander. Recently rode a stock bike, yeah those upgrades give it a little more puff and smooths out the throttle but I dont think its worth the $1000+ To get it there


    Thanks for your input. I feel the same way. I think that Husqvarna did a great job on these bikes stock and there really is not a lot of room for more. Other than some cosmetics, it is about all that can be done. I was just wondering. Thanks


    What Power commander did you buy? I’ve seen people quoting figures like an additional 5hp from installing the upgraded airbox lid, power Power commander and de-cat. Would you say that’s close to what you’ve experienced? $200 per hp seems a little steep….


    The real improvements you can make are in the below 3500rpm space – a 15T front sprocket and fuel dongle makes for a very cheap improvement in tractability at lower speeds.

    I ride mostly in right twisties (Santa Cruz Mountains) and there are a lot of low speed curves that need clean throttle response at low rpm.

    I agree that this is (EPA restrictions aside) Husqvarna did a great job in tuning this bike.

    My 2 cents….



    Thanks for the information and thoughts. I would love to find a slip on the would liven the bike alittle, a little more robust pull and sound. Stock my little Black Vit does sound a little farty and like George Jetsons car. I am looking at a Coffman shorty and Delkevic  short as well. I spoke with Coffman and he said no mapping or ECM mods needed running his simple slip on unless you pull the baffles which I feel would be crazy to do. However, team he has no dyno numbers on any of his systems. Delkevic has dynos on u tube and across all their systems it appears the bikes running just a slip on do show a small increase in power. The decatted bikes lost power. I would not consider a ECM mod as they are grossly overpriced and delivered near no power increases for what you pay. After building and riding bikes for 46 years, you learn a few things about motorcycles. I really love this bike and for what it is, it is amazing. I have owned many much faster bikes and I know this will never run with my prior RDs, GSXR, CBR, Speed Triple etc and it was never meant too. You know as we all get older we have that Moment of clarity when sitting on a 150 hp R1 or simular bike and say what the hell do I need this much bike for. Over priced, expensive to insure, heavy etc all for nothing. To say my bike has more HP than yours. And you don’t even know the guy!  What I am saying we have a great bike and yes a little more zip would be ideal and I suspect it can be done for a few hundred dollars. If I need more and want to a a horsepower assphat again, There are always bigger bikes. If any of you are running a coffman or del, share your results. We all are willing to listen here.


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