"Sidestand down" When it's not! MUST READ, dont get stranded

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    Okay, before we get started, we all know the sidestand switch tells the ecu to kill the motor if we try and put it in gear with the kickstand down……a tiny tiny Magnet on the sidestand pulls in the contacts of the end switch allowing the bike to be put in gear. Meaning that if your magnet falls out, YOUR WALKING!!!!!  MINE FELL OUT OF THE SIDESTAND 1.75 HOURS FROM CELL SERVICE…..I got unbelievably lucky and found it in some gravels. Being an instrumentation Technician doesen’t hurt, either. Here is the magnet:

    It flies out when I drop the kickstand. Once home, I pulled it back out and got some shots of it so you can see it. Currently I am holding it in with scotch tape. Husqvarna tells me that it’ll be replaced under warranty. Also i’m not the 1st person this happened to they told me. I’m probably going to use some JB Weld (Epoxy) to hold it in permanently, and keep a spare magnet under the seat. I’m going to isolate the end switch from the ecu, and find out if it is normally closed or normally open. Meaning I ill soon know if twisting the wires together in an emergency will bypass it or make it show that its down. If it is normally open  (meaning no magnet = open contacts) then I can short the wires out and trick it that all is well and stand is up. otherwise (Normally closed) the inverse is true.

    Here is where the magnet goes, where I’ll JB Weld it:

    I would like to see some pictures of your magnet, because Husqvarna had some trouble finding a part for me. The part number that they gave me may have a sleeve that increases the OD of the magnet to hold it in, this is too hard to type. Can someone send me a pic of their magnet in their sidestand? if so, please focus the camera better than I did! lol thanks guys?


    This exact thing happened to me. Apparently you can’t just order a new magnet, and you have to replace the whole sidestand. I believe I was one of the first, if not the first for this to happen to. It took about 3 weeks in the shop trying to figure out how to fix it and what parts needed replaced. I wanted to string Husqvarna up at the end of the whole thing. It sucks buying a brand new bike only to have something this stupid go wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it. Luckily when it happened to me I was able to call for help, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation knowing it happened to another person.


    They needed to at least have a manual override to the system. I can see killing the engine, but I should be able to say that I understand it’s an issue and continue on my way. It would have been bad if you didn’t find the part and got stranded that far away from anyone.


    Note: I have the 401, so that problem persists across models.


    This is not unique to the Vitpilen. Here is a link to a bypass device, I called and they have no idea if it will work with the vitpilen or not. They are in the middle of a big move and are not working on new bike right now, but they are interested in the Vitpilen for the future



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    Here’s a pic of mine:


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    Thanks for the photo Qwandree!


    @Lazy Tom Husqvarna told me about you!!! they said “one of our shops burned 3 weeks diagnosing this” So it taking 3 weeks raised enough stink that they heard about it. Then again their customer service consists of 2 techs.

    Some Guy

    *walks out to the garage to put some epoxy on his magnet


    Update: after epoxying the magnet, it worked well. However the switch failed shortly after. no matter where i put the magnet on the switch. Husqvarna sent me a new switch.

    • I heat shrunk it all neatly and hid it under the frame. Im coming up with a dongle (deutch connector) plug to delete all this noise. I have already tried a few different resistors, and am waiting back to get a proper diagram on the circuit because discerning which wire is signal is strange bc it isn’t a binary switch, and if it is, i have never seen a non-analog field device that gets power on 2 wires. (Plus ground) One of those wires w vdc is signal. (3 total) May try plugging it all up and working the contacts and probing through the insulation bc looks to be impossible to assess the switch without it being powered up or atleast a diagram. Ill let yall know shortly.
    • Btw the duke dongle delete wont work on this, that was the 1st one I made with the same value resistor that it comes with. Ill post some pics shortly
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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Happened to me yesterday. Lucky it was at home. Searched for the bigger. Found it and put it in with a drop of red Loctite. So far all is good. Hoping this is the first and last problem with this bike.</p>


    had also this problem at the very first meter !!

    The magnet still sticked at the side stand bracket, so I cleaned the side stand, glued the magnet into the hole at added 2 small punch marks.

    I suppose, this problem is solved now forever……


    My switch is removed from sidestand and is heatshrinked with the magnet to it on the frame. Im hoping to develop a deutch connector bypass and maybe give some away. Basically a sidestand switch delete. Need some spare time though


    Hoping someone develops a plug in bypass soon =)

    PA Chuck

    I had the same issue after riding it the first day I owned the bike. 4 weeks later it is still in the shop awaiting a replacement side-stand and an oxygen sensor.


    also happened to me yesterday, I found the magnet and during the week I hope to reassemble it I hope that everything works I saw that on one side it has a red dot, should it be on the outside?


    I’m just posting this here for reference for future owners…

    I verified this sidestand bypass works with my 2020 Vit 701: http://www.rottweilerperformance.com/side-stand-bypass-dongle/

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