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    Hi, I wanted to make a topic to everyone that has a Vitpilen 401 about this issue because I couldn’t find anything anywhere about it.

    A few weeks ago I was riding and the power randomly got cut. The engine wouldn’t start back up, but everything seemed to be working. I pulled into a parking spot on the side of the road (luckily the power didn’t die on a busy highway or a high speeds), and was checking the bike over, and everything was fine cosmetically. The gauge cluster said that the sidestand was down even when it wasn’t though. Thinking there might be an issue with the sensor, I look through the pdf of the handbook to see if there’s a way to bypass this issues, but found no solutions.

    I had a friend come by with his truck and we managed to get the bike home fairly easy since it is super light.

    To make a long story short; on the sidestand, there is a little magnet that is tack welded in place. This magnet came loose and fell off my bike so it thought that the stand was down all the time. This is an issue because the 401 has a safety measure in place that doesn’t let you put the bike into gear when the stand is down. The process to finding this error and correcting it took about 3 weeks in the shop and a lot of frustration with the dealership and Husqvarna personally. I did get my bike back now after getting a new sidestand, but the whole process was horrible and I don’t want any of you to go through it.


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    I had the same issue the first day I got mine, fixed in a second: check the small plugins connectors wiring (white) on the right side of the bike’s frame.

    AvatarScott Emm

    Tough day!  Glad it wasn’t a busy road.  I have had this issue a ton, but the magnet was something I was looking at.  I will tighten it in 20 minutes and let you know if it fixes it.  You can see the “choking” out thread which I think is the same issue but your small engine repair skills lead you to an answer.


    thank you


    How did you get on? Mine has starket kicking up this error this morning.


    Sadly I had to get the side stand replaced. They had the bike for like 3 weeks since this was back when they just started deliveries. The dealership couldn’t figure out what was going on apparently.

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