Side racks, cheap and easy thanks to AuSvart

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    Prof J

    Hi all,

    I wish to thank AuSvart who gave the idea for inexpensive side racks. I followed his guidance and his original post is here:

    401 ‘pannier’ racks – cheap and easy

    I strayed slightly away from his layout because I wanted to keep the rear passenger grab handle. Here are pictures of the result. I first did a mock-up, off the bike. As pointed out by AuSvart, this is not meant to hold suspended side bags, but just to prevent bags from falling into the rear wheel. I did not have to machine any parts, except for one hole drilled into the rack plates, everything is off-the-shelf. I can give list of parts and links on where to get them, if requested. All for less than $60.  This works for the 2019 model. I do not know about the later years.

    Cheers to all

    PS Sorry for the snow-blower in the picture!



    (Oh my god I accidentally reported my own post as spam.  Whoops.)

    Anyway, I’d like a parts list!  I just bought a 2022 Vitpilen 401, so chances are I can’t do it exactly the way you did, but I’ve gotta try something.  I’m not very handy with vehicles or tools or anything, so I need all the help I can get.


    Damn, I don’t think that’s gonna work on my 2022 Vitpilen 401.

    Looks totally different how the bar fits under the seat.

    Prof J

    Hi Sha,

    Glad to give you the parts list.  Side panels and mounting hardare advertised by AlieExpress as for the Ducati Scrambler. Just do a Google search with the keywords: “ducati scrambler side rack aliexpress”.

    Be sure to paint over the “Scrambler” logo :).

    Now you get the spacers (OD 3/4″ and ID 5/16″) fromMcMaster-Carr ( The part numbers are on a figure attached.  I got a whole bunch because I did not know how low I wanted to hang the side racks. They are Aluminium but you can also get them in steel. They fit in the “wells” of the Svartvilen 2019 handgrip. I do not know how they will do on your model year.

    The 4 threaded holes under the seat are M8 on my 2019. Check yours and get the length of bolts appropriate with the spacers that you select. I include pictures of my moto with Givi side bags. I used to hate the license plate holder. Now I like it because it is out of the way and gives space for the bags.

    Hope this helps!



    I probably wouldn’t recommend doing this on a 2022, or if you do, you might need different hardware.  On this year’s bikes, the turn signals get in the way, the grab bar mounts between the seat and the frame, and the holes are so close together.  So what you have to do (with this aftermarket pannier rack we’re using) is remove the grab bar, file down the brackets so that they can squeeze together and fit in the grab bar’s holes in the frame, then use something to mount both brackets to the top corner hole.  I just cut some washers because I don’t have a drill to make my own right now.  They look kind of rough, but it’ll do for now, I guess.


    Alright, well thanks for the list of parts, but for the 2022 Vitpilen and Svartpilen both, Husky started making the rear grab bar come out between the seat and the frame, as I posted earlier.  And I didn’t feel like messing around with the bolts that hold the turn signals, which are moved up onto the tail on the 2022.

    I just ended up taking the bar off and adding some pannier racks like you used to the sides.  I’m a little worried about how it looks, and I wish there wasn’t a gap between the side bags and the top bag, but if I mounted them any higher then the racks would be bearing the weight and might break.  And the top bag is a removable backpack because I commute with this thing, so I think I wanna keep it.

    If it looks like garbage please tell me lol.  But I’m new to all this and this’s the best I’ve got for now.

    Thanks for the help.

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