Should I get a Vitpilen?


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    I’m planning on buying a Vitpilen 701 this week. I found a deal on a 2018 dealer hold over. I’ve been interested in this bike for a long time but I’ve read here and on other forums that there are a lot of reliability problems with them. The other option is to get a 2019 CB650R. I don’t think they look as good or as fun, but it would be super reliable and cost about the same. I’m going to use this bike to commute when it’s warm (I also have a car, so it won’t affect my livelihood if the bike is in the shop) and for fun on the weekends. Any advice? Would you buy your 701 again?


    I have 3 bikes right now and have had many before that. The vitpilen is really no less reliable than any of them. There are some issues (clutch slave failing I would guess is the most common) but it’s a first year model. If you like the bike I really wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you are far from a dealer to do warranty work.


    If your commute is lots of highway the cb650r is going to be nicer (more upright ergos, less vibes, IL4). It’s also going to be faster. Honestly it’s a great bike, the 2019 update was good. But the vit is just fucking cool man. And very light which is great if your commute is town. And handles like a dream. Really, the handling is sick. It shreds in the canyons.


    Let me put it it this way. The vitpilen has a lot of soul. The cb can’t touch it in that department of you care about that.


    You should def ride both, ideally on the kind of roads you commute on. As to your question, I would buy it again. I ride it the most of all my bikes.


    Man, I’ve ridden and owned a lot of different bikes, both modern and vintage. So far, I’ve had my Vitpilen for 2 weeks (mostly inner-city riding so far during the break-in period) and I’m already not looking back. Best bike ever.


    Hey man,

    I’ve had mine for 3 weeks now, and ridden 300 miles so far.

    I also read the reliability issues, but so far so good. Though they are technically still 2018 models, if you get one now, it will still be one from the newest production batch. So chances are, they may have done something in the factory by the time they produced these. If a part fails, it’s not necessarily Husqvarna’s fault, but the factory that provides that part, right? So, if they found issues with certain part batches, they will inform their providers, and probably address the defect so the following batch doesn’t have the same problems, even tough its still a 2018 model. But it’s a later VIN production.

    I came from a ducati scrambler, and I am still getting used to the bike, but man, WOW, what a bike, amazing power and incredible handling and stability too.



    Just pull the trigger. I was looking at a Ducati Monster before stumbling across the Vit 701. I rode an R6 and Gixxer before deciding to try something else. This bike is REALLY fun to ride. It’s super responsive and nimble. The best way I can describe it is between a sport bike (i.e. riding position) and dirt bike (i.e. nimbleness). I drove two and half hours to pick this thing up and would do it all over again.


    Thanks for the advice guys. I picked one up a few weeks ago and already have 600 miles on it. Unfortunately I’ve already hit a warranty issue with the gas sensor not reading correctly, so it’s in the shop now, but it’s been a blast to ride. Loving the bike.




    The Vitpilen is everything that the marketing communication is not talking about. A bike to travel, a bike to race, the Vitpilen loves curvy roads with narrow turns.


    What the Vitpillen not stands for, is what the marketing guys at Husqvarna try to sell: No citybike to me, I don’t like commute with more than 4k refs. It is just annoying.


    Just for the record, I am 52, ride bikes since I was 18, I have a Triumph Tiger 1973 (US-Import), a Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1976, a 1973 BWM R60/5, a BMW R80 1986, a Buell S1 1998 and a Buell XB 12S with a dead motor. To scare me on the track I ride a Kawasaki ZX10R 2005.


    Buy the Vitpilen. You will love your decision.



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