Should I buy a Vitpilen 701?

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    Question for all the owners of Vits…..I have been a ‘Singles’ man all my life and currently have a 1985 Yamaha SRX600. I now have a knee problem that prohibits me kicking the bike over (its kick start only). Looking to replace it with another single (or dare I say it a ‘twin’) and having just seen an article about the Vitpilen I have fallen in love!

    My question: Are owners happy with their Vitpilens? I’ve seen a few comments on issues regarding electrics, fuel tanks, clutch master cylinders etc…..

    Your comments would be appreciated – Cheers


    Although taking the bike to the dealership to get warranty work is a hassle and I am very impatient, I fall in love with the bike every time I have a chance to ride it. This machine is BEAUTIFUL and being the strongest single on the market, it packs a punch!

    You can replace the clutch slave with the Oberon/Brembo. You can get warranty work on the fuel tank sensor. The ECU problems will probably be fixed in an update. It’s just small problems that are common, but it’s not too hard of a fix.

    If you have a chance, take a ride in one and you’ll probably never regret it. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Thanks for your input Savovo. Yes I’m lining up a test ride but unfortunatly dealers here in my local area have sold out (the bikes fairly new to Australia)ย  and they are waiting for a shipment to arrive in a few months. Its a case of my heart ruling my head! Its the closest looking modern bike to my SRX600 which has been my lifelong ‘go-to’ bike.

    Cheers and safe riding.


    Well, we shouldn’t make up your mind for you, cus we’re on this forum, aren’t we, so we prolly like the 701 pretty well….and for me, that’s true: I have a few hundred thousand miles on BMW twins, fully loaded down with gear, but at my age (old!) I was patiently looking for something lighter, less ponderous, more flickable. A Vitpilen 701 showed up at my muti-brand dealer, 2019 model. “Whoa! Beautiful,” I thought. Really, like you, heart over head. Wow. “I must have one!” So now I do, and its sort of a total delight, and no problems so far (1,000 miles). I’m not so used to singles, so that little engine working away down there is kinda new to me; keeping the revs above 3,000, I’m getting used to; plus as noted, the thing is this absolutely beautiful object! So, here’s another happy Vitpilen owner, up in New England, USA.


    Jeff, I dont need my arm twisting, just curious as the owners thoughts on the bike.

    Thanks for your comments – cheers.


    I am from Australia, had the bike a few weeks and very happy with the purchase and decision. Got a demo bike never riden when they dropped the price so snagged a bargain there :D.

    Its fun to ride, definitely packs a punch, which I think is felt even more due to the incredibly light weight. Its super easy to manipulate out on the road. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the purchase, if the design/look/style catches your eye and you like it, the rest you will like even more.


    Cheers Mitchot, I’ve just learnt about the Vitpilen so it was disappointing when the local Husky dealer had just sold his demo and wasn’t expecting a delivery for a few months due to non being available in Aus. Hoping the price stays the same for the next batch!

    Thanks for the comment – cheers- ride safe.


    Another aussie here. I’d been looking at duke 690s on and off for ages and also recently at the 701sm. Had looked at the vitpilen briefly but the price at the time put me off. Grabbed one after the recent price drop.

    To tell you the truth I was seriously thinking I’d made a bad choice for the first 150 or so kms. Not sure why. It just wasn’t happening for me. Started getting more used to it and found that it feels much better when riding in a ummmm spirited manner. Soon after that it all started to come together and I’ve now got about 1600km on it and love it.




    in short yes you should ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a duke before the 701 and I have nothing but good stuff to tell you about my experiences so far. The shorter wheelbase and steeper rake makes it even more agile and fun. The duke is in no way afraid of a sharp corner but the 701 does it quicker and somehow more planted at the same time than the duke ever could.
    it feels more mature and more fun at the same time and that’s not a trick easy to pull off, so I think the Husky geeks did a great job redesigning an already fun machine.

    it’s not perfect (nothing ever is)ย  but I still love it to bits ๐Ÿ™‚


    Well, yes. And I say this as my 2018 is sitting in the dealership service garage waiting for a new gas tank. This is my first bike and I’m super happy with my decision on the Vit 701. I love the look, the ride, the size and feel. Unfortunately I’ve had some problems like other Vit 701 owners. But I’m not too surprised, after all it’s the first road bike Husky has made in decades. No problem with engine or frame, which have been perfected with there dirt bike history. I’ll be without my Vit 701 for 2 months, tank on backorder, and I’ll miss it the entire time. Hopefully Husky has learned from their 1st year production mistakes and incorporated all the fixes on 2019 and future bikes. Not sure if Husky is going to make things right with me on my loss of 2 months, I hope they do, but I’d still say give it a shot. Take one for a ride and you’ll know.


    hi, I’m from Portugal and I bought my 701 Vitpilen in March.

    I fell madly in love with the bike and I love riding it, but now that a few problems started to happen and I read that probably will be more than just a few and not so small problems, I’m having second thoughts… and I only have 300km!!

    So for these are the problems that I found to be common with these bikes – according to this forum:

    – gas spill / fuel tank (warranty solves it but they change the faulty one for a smaller one!)

    – fluid leakage / clutch fluid-pump (I had this problem I it still isn’t fixed, tomorrow going to the dealer to solve it)

    – engine stalls while riding in 5th/6th gears

    – “false neutral” between gear changes while riding, mostly from 5th to 6th

    – oxygen sensor problems

    – ECU problems

    – ABS problems

    – side stand problems

    – parts that come off: licence plate holder and other parts


    The bikes are stunning and super appealing, passionate to look at and to ride. Supposedly from a well accomplished manufacturer (now and also prior to being bought by KTM in 2013), the engines are more than tested on the Dukes and the parts are supposedly of superior quality… but they keep having issues and all sort of problems while in warranty…

    Do I keep it or do I trade it for something else? Maybe a Duke… or a Honda (for reliability!)


    Max KoolMax Kool

    Your bike had all these problems @PePinto, or are you summing up what problems other have had too?


    I was summing up all the problems I gathered in the forum about the 701 Vitpilen…


    so far, with 300km, I just had problems with the cooling liquid, gas tank, gears popping out and clutch fluid-pump… and for a brand new 0km bike, supposedly top performer and reliable, itโ€™s been quite a surprise and I donโ€™t trust the bike while riding it


    Within 10000km I’ve had only one issue you’ve mentioned and it was fixed within an hour. But all of all most of the problems from that list are seemed to be 401 related.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Slave cylinder. My only real problem.</p>

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