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    Hi everyone I just picked up a 2019 svartpilen that has 170 miles on it and already looking around for a shop to do first service on it in few hundred miles. So far only one is NJ at motorcycle mall which is hike for me from queens. Anyone got suggestions? I was thinking of doing it myself in my garage but can’t find filters needed as they are out of stock. So far enjoying this bike a lot.


    All the Husky dealerships are in NJ,  you can try the KTM dealership in the BX 🙁

    I’m from Brooklyn and have the same problem, I literally have to rent a hitch from Uhaul and then drive 2hrs to Hamburg NJ to the dealership I bought it from, for servicing.


    Good going, Vitaliy. 2019 = best year, too… so now, service. If you’re up for adventure there’s a great dealership in Massachusetts, only one, Hutch Motorsports.  Or if you’d like to do a little skiing while you wait for service, c’mon up to New Hampshire, where there’s another dealer! Interesting, but it’s a great little bike, and New Jersey is as good as it gets for you New Yorkers…


    I bought my bike from and go to Roost Powersports in CT:

    They are only about 100 mi from NYC and they super nce and accomodating.

    If you want a hand to DIY, give me a shout bro.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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