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    Hello; as you know the manual says around 29km per Liter…but does not say at what RPMs regime.

    I have been noticing that with more than 7000RPMs (and that is not so much speed) the consume is VERY HIGH. May be less than 20km per Liter!

    Then I have this “low fuel level” when there is almost half of the tank so between these two things, I always need to have a gas bottle in the bag (I use the bike on the road)

    What is your consumption on the road at around 115-130km/h?



    I don’t ride my 401 constantly at those high speeds, it’s a city bike, not a motorway tourer. If that’s what you do with yours, then you have the wrong bike. There are FAR better high speed motorway machines out there.

    I get about 24km/litre on my city commute. And I’m pretty happy with that, especially as I’ve shortened the gearing.


    Hello; why do you think that these bikes are not for the black top?

    This question is regarding fuel consumption…


    Today I did 115km on the road and spent 5 liters…

    By the way gal, 8200Dollars cost these here; do not know what you cal a “tourer” but all 20000Dollars up.

    I use a Triumph bonneville 750 but now is broken hence I bought this one to still have a transportation.

    I am 49 and use and have motorcycles and bicycles since a child. I do not have a car. Always on two wheels.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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