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    Hi Vitpilen-riders,

    I am in the market for vitpilen 701. I went to a dealer and sat on it, but I felt uncomfortable as my feet could just touch the ground. I just need 1-2cm to get flat feet.

    The dealer said he could lower the bike by adjusting the rear spring and lowering the front fork – but I am not sure if this doens’t change the bike characteristics in certain conditions.

    I saw there is a lowering kit for the 401 but not for the 701.

    Any suggestions?



    AvatarWeißer Pfeil

    This is just personal opinion so don’t put too much stock in what I’m saying BUT

    I feel that “flat footing” is not the necessity that most people make it out to be.
    Personally I rest at stop lights with my right foot on the break and the ball of my left foot on the ground.
    If I were on a taller bike then I would maintain the same position and just tilt the bike as much to the left as necessary to get my foot planted, it will stand up when you hit the gas.

    so for me personally I have about a 32″ inseam and I love that the 701 is a bit tall.


    I agree, it took me a bit to get used to not being able to put my feet down, I’m 5 5, but now I’m used to it. Right foot on brake, left foot down, light changes, shift weight over and down shift to 1st and we’re off.


    Also, don’t forget that the Vitpilen weighs close to nothing. I was a bit worried at first too, but as it’s so easy to maneuver you won’t have any issues.


    I don’t think you necessarily need to lower the bike. However, what the shop is describing is just taking some preload off the spring and sliding the forks up in the clamp. That may not be best thing. Any decent suspension shop can take a little bit of travel out of the suspension and not screw up your geometry or handling. It might cost you a few hundred dollars, but it is well worth it.


    I agree with the others who suggest you will be fine. I have had tall bikes in the past (Huskys and Yamaha dirt bikes) and I was not comfortable at first, but was in short order. Here are a few things I did which helped:

    When getting on the bike, I would keep the kickstand down and I would put my foot on the peg and that made getting my leg over the bike and into the saddle easier. Once in the saddle, lean over to the right and then raise the kickstand.

    When coming to a stop I made a concerted effort to plan it out. That means looking at the situation and deciding how you want to bring the bike to a stop. Decide, in advance, which foot will hit the ground. If you are not on level ground, make sure you put the uphill foot out. When stopped, lean the bike and yourself out a bit.

    I really like a taller bike for the ability to see traffic that much better. And cars can see you better too.


    I am returning to riding a motorcycle after 25 years. The last 10 years every now and then I get the bike fever and look in to the current proposals from various brands. There is nothing on the market that gets me excited. Most bikes these days have a design language that doesn’t inspire. I like some bikes from ages ago, but don’t want a retro-bike. Enter the Vitpilen. None of them charmed by the design as did the Vitpilen. Besides that, I  also read some very good reviews about the bike as a whole package.

    Not riding for 25 years, is like starting again. If I would get my feet flat-foot it would mean a lot. I saw there is a kit for the 401, but I think I will outgrow that bike quick. Also, the aesthetics of the 701 are much more to my taste. At the dealer I saw a 401 that was custom painted in dark metallic grey (black-ish). This uplifted the bike a lot, but it doesn’t make sense financially with a 701 around.

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    Since you have been away from it; I would think you will have to take (or retake) the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation training) and your DMV skills test to get a license. If you were to do the training, you may be able to ask for a bike with a seat height of 830mm (same as the Vitpilen 701). When I took the course, they had a variety of bike types to choose from. You could see if you could adjust to it.

    Additionally, there will be an aftermarket lowering kit I assume; or as someone suggested, get a knowledgeable modifier to do the lowering of the bike professionally.

    As much as anyone, I realize the importance of being at ease on the bike. Finally, you just might also consider a Triumph Street Twin or Ducati Scrambler. Both are somewhat retro, but possess modern technology and the seat height is a good 50mm lower.


    I am not a US-resident – so there’s no problem with my license. Nevertheless, I am definitely taking a “refresh-course”. In my country Husqvarna is promoting the 401 and 701’s with paying back 9 hour course!

    I checked, but couldn’t find an after market lowering kit. As I wrote the dealer assured me he could lower 1cm without any issues but everyone I talked about this advise against it.

    Triumph and the likes are not what I am looking for. The 701 is something different.

    thanks for he advice Heisenberg.


    I agree that you don’t exactly know what negative aspects can be introduced by changing the bike’s setup.

    I still am optimistic that since Husky engineered a lowering kit for the 401 they will do the same for the 701, in time, as the production warrants.


    it sounds like your dealer wants to lower the bike simply by taking some preload out of the shock and sliding the fork’s up in the clamps. It would just be a little bit softer, so it would sit into the travel a little further. If you only go 1 cm it’s going to be a very small change and you may not even notice it. Since we are only talking 1 cm, have you sat on the bike with riding boots on? That can make a few mm of difference one way or the other, and you might find yourself more comfortable / confident in good riding boots as well. There are always seat modifications too. Given how light the bike is and how close you are to being flat footed, I’m sure you will be fine.



    I am 5-7 (170cm) tall and also needed to lower my 701 when I bought it in July. You may try this lowering kit.


    During installation


    You will have to lower the front end (the forks) by no greater than half an inch to maintain the steering agility.



    This goes without saying but can honestly say that an investment in your confidence and riding skills will outweigh any expenditure made lowering on your bike.

    I’ve had issues in the past with taller and top heavy bikes (V strom 1000) and realised my fear wasn’t tip toe but rather lack of balance skill. If you consider that the vitpilen is a lot lighter then the risk is much lower. Have you taken it out for a spin? Pushed it on the side and see how far you can tip it while tip toeing or standing? Of course lowering helps but experience is king .



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