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    I’ve recently notice 2 spots of rust of my 2 month old Svartpilen 401 which is worrying for the long-term durability of the motorcycle.

    The first one seems to be due to moisture getting trapped between the chassis and the plastic cover that has been positioned over the engraved chassis number (I assume the plastic cover was put there to try and avoid this problem in the first place).

    The second spot is an open screw point on the right hand side of the chassis presumably where the KTM Duke crash bars are fitted.

    At the moment, I can try to clean the rust off and ensure I keep on top of these 2 spots but I am wondering if this is something any else has seen with their own Svartpilens and what you have done about this. The bike does live outside, albeit under a bike cover and is ridden in the rain but I have never experienced this type of problem with other bikes kept in the same conditions suggesting this is an issue with the finish of this particular vehicle.

    It would be good to hear your thoughts.


    Yup same here. I’ve noticed rust under the plastic as well in the same spot you are referring too. Haven’t looked at the other spot. I have owned my Svartpilen 401 for almost 2 months now and its been in the shop half of the time because of electrical issues and components failing. I’m on my forth instrument cluster, and my starter relay has went out leaving me stranded. Luckily I was able to figure out how to bump start it to take it to the dealer. My ABS is consistently displaying failure and my trip information disappears from time to time. Not only is the quality control on my bike a disappointment but my dealer refuses to help me out. They tell me its my bike my problem, and its between the me and the manufacturer. When I call husqvarna they say its between the dealer and I. My overall experience has been fairly frustrating which stinks because I want to like the bike. Lemon law is my only option at this point.


    According to the rust: Store it in a place like this

    keep it clean and use spray oil like WD40 and you will have fun for at least 200 years… 😉


    Your dealer is a dick, they HAVE to deal with this if its within warranty, its a part of their agreement to be a certified husqvarna dealer.


    its only small spots of rust.  Rust converter and some paint will sort that out. Then put some tape where the plastic is touching to stop it from happening.


    Yeah you want to use some silicon spray or similar protectant.

    Motorcycle Protectant

    After a wash finish with a good spray of this over everything except brakes, chain & mirrors.

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    I do NOT use silicon spray on motorcycles.  Especially the Husky, as you will slide off it.

    Plastic bodywork / headlight / screen you can use a polymer wax

    Be careful not to get any wax / silicon onto your brake rotor / pads…. it will end very badly.


    Hi there,

    Use ACF 50 or PPF 52. Wash bike, dry bike, spray and rub bike.

    Every 3 – 6 months and there should not be any more rust. It also makes the plastic shine.

    Cover rubber parts and brakes before spraying.




    Tom Gång

    I had the exact same problem on my 701:

    What were they thinking at KTM? Why not just paint the chassis number?

    Also, I envy you guys with heated garages, I only have a damp basement to keep the bike in (and I have to unscrew the mirrors every time to get it through the door), so I have to be extra vigilant against rust.

    This is what I did:

    1. Peeled off the plastic sticker with fingernails
    2. Rubbed off the residue with q-tips soaked in alcohol
    3. Rubbed off the rust with q-tips soaked in vinegar, multiple times with pauses between
    4. Rinsed and rubbed the spot with distilled water, multiple times
    5. Dried with hairdryer

    There are some tiny spots left (rough CNC job, hard to reach all pockets), but the paint around is starting to come off, so this will have to do:

    Painted with “anti-rust primer”:

    Next steps will be black and clearcoat, will come back with the result.


    I use ACF50 on all our bikes. Rather than spraying it on, I use a small brush and paint it onto areas that I reckon need it. As soon as I got my SP401, I went over it with the ‘ACF50 Brush’, all fixings, screws, welds, exposed threads, brackets, etc.. got a coating. I painted it onto the etched chassis number, and have not had any problems with rust. I keep my bike outside (don’t have a cosy garage for it) and ride all year. Rode it today in fact, to my local dealer for it’s first service. Let’s hope they can fix the squealing rear brake, random ‘CAN ABS failure’ message and erratic fuel gauge readings.

    I also treat the chain with ACF50, pour a little onto a small square of Scotchbrite pad, run the chain through it, them wipe off the excess with a soft cloth. No rust on the chain now, and been using this method on my MT-07 too for the last 12 months. 3000 miles of all-year riding and no rust at all. Not even on the rear swing arm welds which are notorious for rusting on the MT-07.

    I put a blackened stainless steel screw (very short length, flange-head type) in the unused threaded hole on the 401 chassis to stop water getting in and causing rust. I think it’s M6 but may have been M8 thread size.

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