Ride report: Seattle to Portland

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    I just got back from a pretty excellent trip to Portland and back. I took I5 both ways so round trip mileage was 350+ miles. Really nice weather on both days in the high 60s, but I hit some serious traffic on the way down which turned a 3 hour ride a into 4 1/2 hour one. Ooof. At least it wasn’t super hot or it would have been worse. I “filled up” (the gauge has never shown a full tank) before taking off and filled up again at approximately 110 miles in, even though my dash said I could have gone another 40 miles before needing it. There was a rest stop (Toutle River) soon after that which gave me a must-needed chance to stretch out. After shaking off the cramps I made it the rest of the way with no more stops. Thankfully I was visiting Portland for the Bitburger Pilsner Challenge, because I truly needed a beer by the end.

    I returned on the next day and I tried to fill up right outside of Oregon in Vancouver, WA ,but the pump wasn’t cooperating so I only got about 1 1/2 gallons in. Much less traffic this time so the ride up was real nice with another 66 degree day and very little traffic for the first hour and a half. I started off already a bit sore from the day before so I stopped early at the same rest stop for some rehydrating and stretches, then filled up a little past Toledo, WA. Overall the bike handled really well both days despite some heavy winds on the Interstate. The torque is impressive and great for passing vehicles. However I did experience a little front tire wobble that showed up sometimes at 85 mph and sometimes at 75 or so. I could accelerate out of it each time and it wasn’t very violent, but even a gentle wobble is worrisome. Other than that I had no issues.

    Miles: 350+

    Avg Speed: 80

    Top Speed: 97

    Pain: Yep. Mostly my fingers on my left hand working the clutch so much in the stop and go traffic, but my thighs, back and shoulders are a bit sore still too.

    Will I do it again? Yep. I’ll leave myself time for a more scenic route though, and plan for more breaks.

    rod frostrod frost

    80 mph av. Not bad!

    I took my 401 Svart. on a ride from Boise Idaho to Northern Idaho (Lewiston) and back lot of beautiful mountain canyons to try out. The Husky does well on the curves too.


    That’s a long ride, rod frost. Did you need to stop much beyond filling the tank up? The svart has a more comfortable position so maybe not.

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