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    Can anyone help me with a “how-to-remove-the-tank-covers” ?

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    1. Go to fridge, get a bottle of beer , have a sip while heading to your bike
    2. remove seat
    3. remove the black plastic cover on the front side of the tank by pulling straight upwards ( I 1st used a plastik tool to get it a little loose)
    4. Don´t forget to take a sip of your beer frequently
    5. remove filler cap, you just need 3 of the screws, the others are just for design. Sorry I don´t remember which of those, but once you have 3 “long ” screws, xou can remove the cap.
    6. I recommend to cover the tank hole, if you don´t want to dive for a screw in there 🙂
    7. remove screws on front and back of the covers, same with this 90degree fixture things.
    8. lay away the yellow part, it´s so sensitive for scratches
    9. remove the covers, the one which is above the other first
    10. Taken a sip of beer?
    11. When taking of the covers, you need to consider to move them away from the bike on the upper side fisrt, then it almost slides out by itself on the lower side (some kind of fixture nose there)

    In the end, it´s not rocket science, smooth handling of the part and you´re fine

    Just wrote out of mind, so please bear with me if I forgot a step…


    Disclaimer, beer might be replaced by any other dring of your choice, no effect on tank covers ensured 🙂





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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