Rearsets and exhaust bracket

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    Hey guys,

    I got some rearsets coming that are for an RC390, seeing as they’ve got the same swingarm, fingers crossed they fit…the mounting points looks identical.


    RC390 rearsets

    Though I am still left with the exhaust mounting bracket issue, has anyone found a cheaper alternative to the genuine part? I don’t think the genuine will fit on the rearsets anyway, are there any creative alternative?


    Will keep you updated on those when I receive them!


    There was another thread here on this but I think the OP abandoned the project. Anxious to know how your results turn out.



    A friend of mine lended me his RC390 rearsets he couldn’t fit on his bike (duke 390)

    I need to get more toold but what I’ve gathered so far:

    mounting points are the same at the front: there’s an axle (19mm) to take out, and two smaller bolts underneath each side


    left side rearset should fit fine 🙂

    right side looks tricky, once you take the footpeg mounts off, you have to disconnect the exhaust mount (as expected) and also the rear brake master cylinder, I havent done that yet but I’m hoping the master cylinder has enough give in the lines to prop it up to the mounts on the rearset.

    Otherwise I’m in for two brackets to make and mount: one for the exhaust and one for the master…

    Will try and get that done this week and I’ll post pics if I can somehow make it work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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