Rear Turn Signal Falling Off

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    So today was the fourth time my right rear turn signal has fallen off.
    The problem occurs when I hit a pothole or bump really hard.
    I know it is caused by the licence plate holder being mounted to the swingarm which has no shock protection.
    Once I mount my plate and turn signals under the seat I think that this won’t be a problem.

    I was wondering if anyone else out there was having this problem?


    Mine fell off very easily,  but it’s because someone rubbed up against it.

    I took the assembly apart, including the light bulb mirror like reflector and slid the housing back into place. I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same and use some gorilla glue if it kept happening .


    that shouldn’t be happening. Mine come off if bumped hard but a normal or bumpy road shouldn’t do that. Makes me think something is amiss in that indicator, and might be worth a stop at the dealer for a new one.


    @Christopher and @MacLoven:

    Yes I am very adapt about putting it back together now. I won’t use glue until after I relocate the licence plate bracket.

    I don’t think anything is amiss except for the location. Looking at all the KTM bikes that have the same turn signals, all are mounted on the frame not the swing arm.

    This is a design flaw on KTM’s part. I’m sure no one tested the turn signals on a swingarm and if they did it was on smooth asphalt not on pothole roads.

    rod frostrod frost

    This must be a common problem.  My right turn single did the same on the way home from buying the bike… there is another thread on this subject too


    Thanks @rod frost

    401 and 701 share the same problem and I’m surprised this hasn’t appeared in the Svartpilen forum yet.
    edit – even though your picture is a Svartpilen
    KTM has to acknowledge that this is a design flaw.
    You can’t use the same turn signals on a frame that you use on a swingarm. The force created by the up/down movement on the swingarm is stronger than those on the frame.

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    KTM has to acknowledge that this is a design flaw.

    This statement is A+, 100%, spot-on accurate…those turn signals are clearly a design flaw


    I hit a manhole cover a few weeks ago and one of my rear blinkers came right off, never to be seen again. It was the last bit of motivation I needed to get rid of the tyre hugger and install a tail tidy. Just ordered a couple of small, sleek LED turn signals which look significantly better.

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