Rear Rotor Warp among other things in first 1000 km service

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    Just took the bike in for a first service and having a few things addressed. The most alarming is that the rear rotor is warped inwards by 2 mm causing drag and creating a potential for lock up. Bike has never been, hit, dropped or left alone outside of my locked garage and there is no evidence of damage or anything of the sort. How is this possible ? Has anyone else had the same issue?

    Bike also stalls on occasion from 3rd to 2nd downshift and rarely stalls in 1st with the clutch fully in. Created a few situations downshifting for a turn and the bike shuts off while im going through oncoming traffic lane, could get weird…

    Moisture apparent  in speedometer under plastic cover after a gentle wash. Anyone else see this?

    Other than these bike runs great. Getting a little nervous though and considering selling it. Never had a new ride with issues. Thoughts?


    Not heard of that before, must be a faulty brake disc.

    Quite a few folks on here seem to have experienced the stalling issue though. Thankfully I have not. I think if my bike did that and put me in a dangerous situation on the road because of it, I wouldn’t want to ride it any more. I definitely be sending the GoPro footage of it happening to Husqvarna if it ever did.

    My bike does have the moisture under the display problem, and once it’s there it never seems to go away. Although I had the same problem with my old Honda CB125F, and my hubby’s Yamaha MT-09 SP & KTM 790 Adventure also have this same problem. It seems (at least to me) a common “bike thing”.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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