Rear Plate-holder Removal Question

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    This might be a dumb question. I actually like the stock rear plate holder as compared to having it mess up the clear space above the tire by mounting the plate below the brake light. But I am considering doing a side plate mount with just the signals relocated up under the seat. My question is does that rear assembly block water spray off of the tire in wet conditions? If so, where does it go if it’s removed, straight up to the rear brake light?

    One time I cut the fender way back on a Puch moped, and it was reported by someone riding behind me through a puddle that my rear tire shot a jet of water straight up into the air about 15 feet. But that’s my only experience modifying the rear of a bike, so idk what to expect.


    Bigmo has done this mod on his 701. You could pm him or post in his thread in that section if he doesn’t check the 401 forums.


    I did away with the bracket off the swing arm and relocated everything up under the tail light. I rode in the rain once, and my pants and lower back got very wet. Keep in mind I never rode in the rain with the stock setup so I have no comparison to how much road spray the original plate bracket suppresses, however I can confirm you will absolutely get wet without it.



    Where are you locating your license plate?  On the side?

    This is exactly what I am doing right now.

    I ordered a chain tensioner block for the right side axle and a thrust washer from McMaster Carr, to take up the missing space from the arm width.

    I don’t see the value in the  $200 “Tail Tidy R&G kit and I don’t want blinkers anymore.  So I am doing it my way.

    That includes a side mounted license plate.  I want a clean looking, minimal bike.  As much crap as I can take off of it, I will.

    Tell me more about your project!  Pics?!

    I will send pics when I am getting into the project very soon.  I found a clever spot for the license plate, that does not break state statutes.  It looks fairly sick!  (Slang for awesome).



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Do not ride in the rain without the rear fender. You will get soaked.</p>

    I for one love the signals and plate on the ‘floating’ fender. It makes the tail end look unique and clean. I think it ruins the look of the bike when you add shit to the tail.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Ahhh, you are contradicting yourself a bit.  You say you like the look of the floating fender, but feel that adding stuff, takes away from the look?</p>
    Adding what?

    I agree, the floating fender looks and functions great!

    But we are talking about, “removing things from the tail end”, not adding anything.

    Minimalism is God.

    Here, maybe this pic will help.Vitpilen striped down, Minimal Style...


    Love the rear-on look Jeffreeon.  You’re right, clean rocks! Can you post a pic or two from the side as well?

    Curious, where/how did you locate the registration plate ?

    So how bad is the water spray when riding in the rain?  Any input?


    Certainly looks very clean and uncluttered. But I can’t see any mirrors, licence plate or turn signals. So, essentially illegal to ride on UK roads.



    This is a stock photo that I found online.  I am mearly doing my best to imitate it.  Yes, it’s not legal without mirrors, but, in my state, everything in pic is legal, except no license and mirrors.  (I have small bar end mirrors pointed forward).

    I am working on my bike as we speak.  I have all parts ordered, to remove fender arm and blinkers completely.  I don’t want blinkers right now.  I can’t loose the the rider pegs yet because Muffler hangers are on back order.  As far as license plate question, you will have to wait a week or so for pics, as it’s “Top Secret”, in a bike dork kinda way right now.

    I found an awesome loophole in my states law, regarding License plate placement.  The license plate will be in a very different spot!  I’m excited, because I love loopholes in Statutes.

    They have gotten me out if 4 citations in the past.

    So, enough bragging about beating the law…

    I will post pics of my project soon.  I am a welder and am fabricating the license plate mount right now, while I wait for the fender arm removal parts needed.

    Chain Saw!

    (You’ll know what I mean when you see pics soon).  It’s stupid clever and has plenty of bike nerd enthusiasm.



    Here was my solution, side plate holder, if that can give you some ideas 😉


    This sucks.

    This site won’t let me upload photos of my project 701

    WTF is with the photo rejection?

    They should reformat it.  I don’t know what dang format they want!?

    Anyone know?

    I just want to share my mod photos…


    You need to downsize your photos. I use .jpg format.

    I take the photo with my phone, upload it to my PC, open it in ‘paint’ or a similar photo editing program, and then resize the picture. If you reduce it to about 14% of it’s original size, it will still be big enough to see clearly on this forum, but not too big to get rejected.

    One other thing, once you have added photos to a post and submitted it, it will go into a ‘holding phase’ called “Awaiting moderation”, and will seem to have disappeared. You’ll then have to wait for a moderator to approve it before it will appear on the site. This can happen in as little as a couple of hours, or take a few days, depending on how busy the mods are.

    It’s rather clunky, but it’s free, it works, and it’s all we have as fans of the ‘Pilens.


    Thanks Vanessa!  I had tried, but wasn’t making the pics small enough I guess…

    Here are the pics of the start of stripping parts off to make my Vit more Minimal.  I am going to just have bar end blinkers soon and remove as much as possible.  Hopefully new TFT display and aftermarket headlight, (that floods to the sides for hard cornering at night).

    So, I read my states Statutes and they say that a licence plate must be firmly affixed, Horizontal and Outwardly Visible and on the “Rear” of the vehicle.

    The loophole that I found is that, the word “Rear”, is not defined.

    The word “Rear”, is Subjective.  What does “Rear” mean?  Loosely, we can infer that it at a basic level, means, “Behind drivers, because there are many “Tail Tidy” plate holders, that are tucked in front of the rear wheel, “not visible from behind, but within the scope of the Statute, minus the, “Outwardly Visible” part of the Statute.

    So, upon reviewing the Statutes, I think that my plate location modification abides by state law.  Pics attached.

    I am excited, “In a bike nerd way”, that I found this loophole in the law that allows for mounting a plate in this fashion, as “Rear” is not defined as “Visible from behind vehicle”, in my state.

    So, I had this vanity plate since I bought the bike last year, (Love the bike to! 6400 miles already!).

    Vanity plates are 90% dumb, but this bike was my midlife crisis buy, so, I don’t give a damn.

    Here are some preliminary photos of the modifications that I have done.

    I am still waiting on a slim muffler hanger bracket to get rid of right passenger foot peg, (suppliers are backed up due to Covid-19 though).

    Also, I want an Black anodized, front cog Case Protector, that exposes the cog, threw the webbing of the machined part.  In due time…

    I was able to replace the rear fender with a Husqvarna/KTM (Right Side), Chain Tensioner and a 1.49″ or so O.D., 1″ I.D., .25″ deep, or length, round Aluminum spacer, (to take up space that the fender arm did).

    This spacer was $5 at McMaster Carr, KTM Chain Tensioner $19. The Tail Tidy kits are $200!  Screw that!  I ain’t paying for that.  BTW, rear passenger peg blank kit is $50, when you can buy Qty:2-6 Millimeter, black set screws and blue Loctite, to plug the peg holes and chain guard/Swingarm fender threaded holes, for like $8 for set screws and $8-$10 for Blue Loctite!

    Don’t give your money to these people, the margins are ridiculous.

    So, here are pics.  I will need to wrap the license plate in Matte Black Vinyl around the edges, to subdue its presence.

    CHNSAW in-between the Bike Chain is ironic or appropriate, (as it looks like a chainsaw), but is it nerdy?

    You guys let me know.  My feelings will not be hurt.  I appreciate feedback.


    Send more pics of what you are up to!



    Here is the custom License plate holder that I fabricated and welded, so I could mount the plate without drilling into the swingarm.

    It has 4 Allen cap SST Bolts and 2 fiber embedded, rubber mat pieces.  The bolts pinch one of the webs in the swingarm and the rubber, protects the paint on the Swingarm.  So it is removable and doesn’t wreck my bike

    It is a work in progress as I need to add steel down to the bottom two bolts.  The problem is, is that the plate is only .125″/ 1/8″ thick and the bottom bolts interfere with the swing arm, so I have to drill and tap 1/8″ plate and the bolt has to be so short, that it doesn’t go all the way through the steel plate.

    It’s a puzzle…

    But I have the top two bolts hanging the plate, it’s just it sticks out a bit at bottom, without bottom bolts holding the plate.

    (Drilled holes with welded flange nuts not pictured)



    Cops don’t have an issue with that plate position?

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