Racing the VIT in Germany (in early september 2019)…

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    Moin, moin! (== hi there)

    Is there anybody out there who is as amazed as me riding the Vitpilen 701?
    (Even though it may be _NOT_ perfect.)

    I’m living in Germany and I’d like to race my VIT early in September on the Nürburgring Nordschleife…

    Until now my bike works not really as it should but I think that it can manage [b][i]my TRACKDAYs[/i][/b] as it had never shown a red LED on the dashboard… ;->

    If anybody else is interested in riding the VIT on the ring in early September 2019: [b]PLEASE LET ME KNOW[/b]

    I really would enjoy it being not the only one out there…

    Have a lot of fun.

    der Eratosthenes

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