Racing Rearsets? What have folks used?

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    Hi All,

    I am aiming to make my Vit701 a bit more track ready and rearsets are on the list of things for me to improve.

    I am struggling to find a set that I can be sure will fit. I believe Sato Racing make some but I can’t find anyone with them in stock.

    I am hoping that items made for the Duke 690 might fit but if anyone has managed to fit something I would love to hear about it.

    Regards David

    Max KoolMax Kool

    The items for the Duke do fit afaik, however the stock Vit rearsets are already further backwards than those for the Duke 690.

    You could try adjustable pegs. For me that was enough to give me the clearance I needed.


    Sorry for the slow response, I seem to have missed your post. Since I asked the question I have made contact with a few guys who have been racing the Vit701 for a while. I have ordered KTech IDS cartridge inserts (including a small amount of modification to the end cap as they don’t make a standard item for the 701) and a Nitron R3 rear shock. A chap with a very similar setup uses the Husky aluminium pegs and says the new suspension raises the bike a fair bit so he never scrapes anything anymore. He is a very experienced and FAST rider so I am pleased to hear that. The parts are still a few weeks away but I will post a few pictures when I get them fitted.


    For those of you with the R3 shock, does it come with a mount for the reservoir or did you purchase the mount separate?


    Hey Max

    We met week ago in Malibu

    i was on My Multistrada

    i just picked Up vit 701
    i Would ti like to get in touch stih you

    let me kome where you at


    Max KoolMax Kool

    PM’d you. And welcome to the Vit world!

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