Quickshifter failure

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    Hello everyone!

    New here,  enjoying my 2020 401,  bought 2 months ago. I have 2400km so far.  But…. 2 days ago i got a “quickshifter failure” followed by a “ECU failure” message.

    I was riding on a straight, around 100km/h, on a steady throttle. It felt like the bike was trying to quickshift by itself, (like jerky fuelling…?) and then i got the message on the dash.

    I stoped, switched off, turned on the engine again and it stalled a couple of times when i was about to release the clutch. I managed to get to the garage, my mechanic run the diagnostic tool but couldnt find anything wrong. The bike still gives me the “quickshifter failure” message. He sent the record to husqvarna and we re waiting for their reply.

    Does anyone have something similar happened to him??


    Any update to this? I just bought my Vit 3 days ago and on the way to my group ride I got the same message. Once the bike is turned off and back on again it went away but then it did it again to me today on a little ride around town.


    Also had this happen to me once. New Svart 401 bought 2 weeks ago with about 150km on the clock at the time it happened. Was opening it up in some twisties quickshifting and then got the error. Pulled in clutch while riding, kill switch, start back up and carried on like nothing ever happened. Hasn’t done it again since and now has 600km on… Have pushed harder with quickshifter since so not sure what it could have been.

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    After updating the software the problem is gone.  Still dont know wat caused it though….

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