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    Has anyone tried out an aftermarket Quick Shifter for the Pre-2020 model?


    I have no idea but if it works I would be interested in buying one


    I have fitted that exact model and got it working quite well after I disabled the downshift cut.

    I installed on on the main shaft bolt with the washers. It wont fit on the rod, not enough threads. I then enabled QSE Sensor + in the app so it recognises downshifts and doesn’t cut.

    You need to have a good foot shifting action so wearing proper boots is better. Lazy sifts in trainers can cause issues but thats not the bikes fault.


    I was also reading up on these.

    – Are you using the RC 390 cutoffs?


    My settings are;

    RPM setup

    min 3000 max 10,000

    Sensor setup

    Type QSE sensor + (hold for 5 seconds, this prevents the downshift cut I believe)

    Noise filtering active

    Threshold 20%

    Cut off delay 15 ms

    Cut Off setup

    Adaptive Auto 95ms

    I ran the auto setup and tried tweaking it but it only worked well after the recent service and refitting.

    I took the whole gear linkage apart to clean it. Used loctite blue 243 on the threads and loctite bearing retainer 638 on the bottom half of the splines only. I then torqued it quite a bit higher than they recommend.

    I beleive that the fitting of the sensor is far more important than tweaking the settings, except for the QSE sensor + bit.

    Helatech are quite helpful but havent explained cleary all the features. I still dont understand how cutting the engine on a downshift would help as it increases the forces inside the gearbox when the engine is driven by the wheel on deceleration. This seems to be the complete opposite of what you need, a blip, to equalise the speed and let the gears float.

    As it is working quite well with these I have left it but I will look for the RC390 settings to compare.



    I found some settings mentioned by BlueMonkey on the RC390 forum and they are practically the same as mine.

    The sensor threshold will be dependant on fitting method but is very close.

    The cut off time starts at the same 95ms and adaptive auto already alters the time according to load like the manual times they have put in.


    The sound is pretty much the coolest part about a quick shifter.

    I found the RC setup on the HealTech website under the supplementary manuals section. (Pretty much the same engine)


    Wait, so the Healtech work both up/down reliably

    Great to know. Has anyone tried to mount the 2020 model EasyShift ?

    (It’s a factory QS which is kinda hidden in the 2020 model spec sheets)


    I didn’t think the Healtech quickshifter works as a downshift/autoblipper. I didn’t think it had the ability to rev the engine up, only to cut the power for upshifts.


    Just like most aftermarket quickshifters it doesnt have the ability to blip the throttle as it is not connected to it or the ECU in any way.

    It has the ability to detect the direction of shift through the sensor along with engine rpm through the fuel injector, or ignition on other bikes.

    This means that it can only perform a cut of those when shifting up or down. But as there is no explanation of how this helps during a downshift I disabled it on downshifts.


    That’s what I thought, thanks for confirming.

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