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    Has anyone had any luck finding replacement steel or decent quality metal drain bolts for a Vit/svart 401 or KTM 390 engine? I’m referring to the M24 x 1.5 and M17 x 1.5.

    I bought a KTM oil change kit which included both of these bolts and while doing my oil change managed to break the larger M24 bolt off in my engine. Couldn’t believe it as I used a torque wrench set to the spec in my owners manual. The replacement bolt was from KTM and looks to be some kind of crappy pot metal. Managed to get the remaining bolt out and put the old one back in (nothing was wrong with it, just figured if they send a new one might as well use it.)

    Finished the oil change and went on ride, after about 1.5 miles the low oil pressure light comes on and I pull over to find that one of the M6 bolts on my oil filter cover has sheared off and my oil is leaking out and has splattered the back of my bike. Walked it back home and washed the oil off it.

    After some digging online it looks like others have had issues with KTMs bolts shearing off. My best friend is a mechanic and said he typically hand tightens these bolts especially if they have an o-ring as they can add extra pressure to the bolt. I want to replace all the necessary bolts for an oil change with higher quality metals but am having a hard time finding them, especially the larger ones since they have that hollow space to accommodate the oil strainers.

    TL;DR I must be incompetent. Broke two bolts doing oil change. Want to replace crappy OEM M24 x 1.5, M17 x 1.5, and two M6 bolts necessary to do an oil change with higher quality metals.Sheared M24 bolt

    Sheared M6 bolt

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