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    Hello. I purchased a Svartpilen a few months ago. After riding for about 1000 kilometers, I noticed tat the front brake seemed to pulse when coming to a stop. No feel in the lever. Just the bike pulsing. It seems to be getting more apparent. Brought to the dealer who suggested keeping an eye on it. If the front wheel is raised and spun, you can hear it rubbing at a spot on the rotor. The new on in the showroom does the same. Just wondering if anyone else had the same issue.



    The rotor might be within spec and still be causing a little bit of drag and pulse while braking. This might be easily resolved with a little more grease on the caliper slide pins. I’ve heard many types of motorcycles have a problem of insufficient lubrication to bearings and other moving parts.


    @svartone I have the same experience in low speed 20-0 (kph)! Think I will try what timCC suggest! Not that I feel unsafe in any way but more the feeling of precision!


    I have this same issue, I feel it at any speed. When I am lightly on the brakes I feel a pulsation. I put my bike up on a paddock stand last night and did the following:

    Greased the pad slide bolt with high temp grease

    Sanded the rotor with 320 grit sand paper and then cleaned with brake cleaner

    Loosened up the entire front wheel assembly (including the brake), leaving the two M6 pinch bolts tight and I compressed the front forks while holding the brake to center the assemblies to each other

    After doing this I road the bike, there was no change

    I did notice that when I rotate the wheel the brake contacts the pad slightly at a point in the rotor, could it be possible that my rotor got bent somehow? I noticed this behavior after I had gotten my front tire replaced, I am wondering if the shop mishandled my wheel and slightly bent the rotor… I will be testing the runout of the rotor shortly.


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