Puig windscreen + headlight protector, are they compatible ??

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    Hi guys, how you doing ? So I´ve just got my svartpilen and I was looking for some accessories….then, I did realize that Puig windscreen uses the same spot on the bike that the headlight protector….any clue about if they can fit together with no issues ??. Thanks



    I have the screen and the protector fitted to my svart, they do work together, just needs a little messing with the spacers you have for the protector.

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    Share some pics please, Im in the mood of windscreen too, but not sure about at all


    I’ve got the classic dart windscreen. The mounts needed some bending (they don’t make mounts for the huskies and said they’re not planning to), but able to make it work with the headlight protector. It’s shown elsewhere on the forum (sorry, I don’t know how to search this forum well), but I’ll throw some pics here for you. I ordered the Ducati Scrambler hardware and trimmed/bent them to make them fit. I’ll take a couple pics of the back of the screen too. This addition requires two zip ties, but you’ll forget they’re even there (quite hidden).Dart classic flyscreen


    I have a screen and would consider the protector, haven’t done it though because I am not sure about cleaning the headlight with the protector on it.

    I had some protectors on a jeep where I had to choose either leave lights dirty, or risk stripping plastic threads…


    Just a heads up, the Dart Piranha flyscreen for a Ducati Scrambler doesn’t at all fit. The brackets are too short and  it hangs down over the light.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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