Puig "alu" windshield installed

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    It took a couple of months to get this, I ordered it from eaby in July.. but it finally came last Friday 🙂

    Now to put things right; Puig calls this an Aluminium shield, it’s definitely not that.. it’s brushed Stainless steel
    I have the feeling that they changed the design(the delay was caused by the factory according to the seller) from Alu to SS in order to make more money on it..
    So instead of a Alu which would match the silver on the bike I have a shiny brushed steel shield that doesn’t really match anything.. so I have a painting project for the winter, I’ll paint it silver and if I manage incorporate some of the Husky yellow into the design.
    In addition the mounting gear didn’t really fit either, but that was a quick fix with two additional holes drilled on top of the vertical arms.

    having said that I think it does look good on the bike, or it will after I paint it
    and I hope it will help at least a bit with the wind..

    What do you think?


    This is the best looking screen for the vitpilen so far, really fits the design of the bike.
    Could you post some pictures of how the screen is mounted?

    I’m looking forward to hearing how the screen performs on the bike.

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    I will try to take a few shots
    I probably will not find out if it works before nest summer… the weather is shit in Oslo, Norway this week and it looks like the season is ending 🙁


    OK, here it goes, the kit comes with two mounting systems, both are universal. One is for clip-on mounting with a few steel rods with swivels and so on. I did not use that one.

    The other setup is to mount it using the headlight attachment points, this is the one I used. Unfortunately the holes on top of the arms are drilled a bit to low to work on the 701, but it was just a case of drilling new ones a bit further up. see pic #1, the original hole is below the bolt


    had to split this up, pics are to large (even after reducing to 25%)




    Thanks! Looks a lot better then I expected. I downloaded the mounting instructions and only saw the mounting option with the rods and thought it looked very amateuristic.

    But this looks a lot better! Good to know!



    update on my windshield, as you can see I had a go at painting, I think it came out OK, not perfect but then again I’m not a professional painter… and after a few days on the road with a few bugs stuck to it nobody will notice the imperfections (I hope)






    VERY nice painting, GB. Looks great!


    Turned out really nice, GB500.


    Thanks 🙂 next project will be exhaust hanger and pillion seat “delete” will post pics as soon as I get underway 😉


    Looking good!



    PS I’m thinking about getting the first part of the exhaust coated in black, any thoughts?

    I have a “silver” akra slip on at the rear but I’m not really a fan of the two color head pipe..


    Wondering how this did at blocking the wind – looking at this and the Dart model as a choice.

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