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    Hey guys I’m new here. I got my 2020 Svart 701 back in March. Before next season I’m looking to add some protection. Husqvarna doesn’t seem to offer as much for the 701 as they do the 401. Anyone know of any crash bars, skid plates and other types of protection that will fit the svart 701.


    Hi, you may to read a topic of “Sashank Mittal”, the guy put a crashbar KTM, colour black, powerparts catalog bought in German KTM dealer website but in FRANCE you have a website dealer the same and a paire of handguards SW MOTECH KOBRA.
    I plan to do the same on my future Vitpilen 701.

    V … ride safe to Provence in FRANCE.

    Links crashbars Référence:KTM_7601296814433 :

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