Problems With My Vitpilen 701

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just got the bike back from the dealership after another 3 weeks in the shop. 300 km later, and now the ABS has failed. Is anyone else having this many issues with their bike?

    The bike has been in the shop for 5 weeks already over the 12 weeks I’ve owned the damn thing. I’ve approached the dealership to see if they will refund me the $16k CAD I spent on this thing. I had a deposit for nearly 2 years waiting on this bike to arrive. It’s been a huge let down.

    So far the following has been replaced: Dash, ECU, Fuel Level Sensor

    They’ve been talking about replacing the wiring harness and maybe some other parts. I can’t see how my bike is the only one with all these issues. Anyone else?


    no. So far so good. I have had no issues with mine.


    600 miles in. Going to get the first service done soon – all is good so far!

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    AvatarSome Guy

    3000 miles and no issues whatsoever.


    1500km done with no issue on mine

    AvatarBrett Hawton

    Sounds like my experience with the KTM 390 Duke… I was really hoping quality control would be better with their Husqvarna division.


    On my side, after 2800km the hydraulic clutch broke down.. in my opinion a leak in the receptor cylinder


    Damn man, looking to buy soon myself so keep us updated on the outcome and dealer response as money is not unlimited on my side of the table and this would be my second vehicle for commuting .


    1800 km (about 1100 miles) on mine. Have seen the TC failure light flashing once while cruising at steady pace down a straight, and today ABS can failure flashed while riding in rain. Almost every time a switch the engine off, the info display says “TC failure”. Once in a while a get “kill switch” instead. Had no stored error codes at my first service and have not noticed any issues riding it. Dealer response is that it is most likely a software bug and that Husqvarna will probably send out a fix within soon.


    Thanks for all the responses!

    I’m taking the bike back to the dealer on Tuesday for more, “diagnosing.”

    They’ve basically told me that they are doing all they can and pissed me off a bit by being clear that there are no “Lemon Laws” in Canada that cover new motorcycles. This obviously got under my skin. It’s obvious that they only want to do the bare minimum and are quick to wash their hands of these issues.

    The last thing the dealer told me was to call Husqvarna Canada’s customer service line and to talk to them.

    I will keep posting as things develop.



    Hi everyone,

    i bought my Vitpilen 701 brand new in the middle of may 18.

    At my first longer ride i saw short “Can Bus Failure” on the display and from time to time the engine was stalling when i gear down from 3rd to 2nd gear or from 2nd to 1st gear. The clutch was definitely open and i’m sure that i didn’t breaking dead the engine.

    You can imagine it’s not helpful for safety if your bike stall in the traffic or if you try to cross a crossroad.

    The latest problem is that if i turn the key in the off position i can read “TC Failure” in the display and when i ride the bike the TC & ABS Lamp lights up. For a better understandig the Lamp do not flashing like the TC is active and there is wheel spin.

    My Bike was in the last 3 months nearly 4 Weeks in the workshop to fix this problems. Now i’ve got the 2019 Software on my bike but the problem with the TC & ABS Lamp is still there, also the TC Failure in the Display when i turn the key in the off position.

    My dealer says thats normal. Now i’m realy desperate and disappointet.

    Don’t understand me wrong, i love the bike but it was to expensive to say “it’s usual that all the Time warning lamps light up” and “every Pilen in my store says TC Failure when i turn the key in the off position”

    Does anybody have the same problems?


    Best regards



    Hello all,

    Thought I would finally join and chime in a bit.

    I’ve had some issued with my Vitpilen 701 as well.

    1. During some aggressive downshifts I would get everything light up with the CAN BUS and TC failure and probably another message flashing back and forth rapidly. This only happened a few times downshifting and it hasn’t happened in awhile.

    2. I’ve had the TC failure with the key in the off position as well. But it also hasn’t happened in awhile. It used to happen quite a bit.

    3. I’ve had the TC failure stay on. For this one – I decided to take it in for warranty. Ride my bike to the shop – Lo and behold, the failure light and message disappears. I had them hook up for diagnostics anyway to make sure. They did see all the “Failure messages” that did pop up before hand but determined nothing was actually wrong.

    4. Fuel sensor failure. This was just the connector not being fully locked in place. Easy peasy fix for me.


    Looks like mostly software crap to me. I’m sort of ok with it as the bike itself is running really nice. Yes it is expensive and you shouldn’t have to deal with all this shit. I just think we are sort of the guinea pigs since it is the first year run for the bike.

    Hope it all works out for you in the end.

    One last note: I’m at just under 4000 km on my bike and none of those failures have popped up again recently.



    My bike had the TC failure during a commute, but did work after a short stop with the ignition off. Software issue according to my dealer, and will be adressed in a future upgrade.

    TC Failure always come on for å short time just as i turn off the ignition/engine, but that is because the TC/ABS module turns off before the main ECU, hence the brief TC Failure message – but that is just my qualified guess.

    In rain/after rain, high beam comes on randomly, and I am not touching the light switch.. Have not talked to the dealer about it, but will do at the next service next summer. Dosn’t bother me much, maybe some WD40 somewhere helps?

    Bike done 2000km now, working good and no issues besides the small glitches in the software and the high beam.



    I had similar issues with mine around the 600 mile make.  I would get TC Failure and the TC Light would come on as well as Engine Management Light.  Took to local dealer HTM Motorcycles.  They had it for a few days and it turned out to be Firmware between the 2 ECU units, but they had to get their laptop updated by Husqvarna for it to load the correct firmware.

    Almost 3000 miles on the clock now and never had an issue since 🙂



    Ugggh, you know I still love back in the day with my 1987 GSX-R 750 that I could take everything apart and fix it myself.  These new motos are great, but so many things run by software now that quite annoying as everyone chalks things up to “software failure” and yet no one can seem to fix it.

    Only issue I have had is what others posted when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd or 2nd to 1st – mostly in the first 3 to 5 km after starting out from the engine cold – the bike just completely shuts down.  Luckily it just costs and does not lock up, but I pull the clutch in, thumb the starter and comes right back on.  I have not noticed the display doing anything yet because most of the time I am in traffic when engine stalls and I am concentrating on what is around me and not the little display for error lights :).

    I am taking mine in for service in about a month for first 600 miles and will definitely tell them about this.  Honestly, not sure I want them touching it because usually after people touch what they do not know the problem, just makes it worse.

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