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    Hi guys

    Completely new to the forum. I’m trying to fit a chamber delete from Competition Werkes, and I’m having a great deal of trouble. Has anyone tried this modification?






    Hi Jesper,

    Welcome to the forums. As a general rule it’s a good idea to specify what model year your bike is and what problem you are having as specifically as you can so that people here can offer up the most helpful suggestions possible. These bikes had a major exhaust routing change starting in MY2020 including with the chamber. I can tell you that a compwerkes chamber delete is a relatively common exhaust modification so I imagine that regardless of what year your bike is there will be someone here who has done the mod and can offer you advice.


    Hi MuddySvart

    My bike is a 2021 model, where the exhaust enters and exists the chamber at the bottom. I succeeded in getting the chamber off after a couple of hours, but now I have to fit the chamber delete part. The first problem I have is:

    – Mounting the chamber delete with the long screw that was holding the original chamber. I can’t get the grommet off the stock chamber and the diameter of the new part is too big to do anything. (See pictures below). I’ve seen a guy on YouTube do the exact same mod, and he said he got a new bolt with the chamber delete. I’ve asked Competition Werkes, and they said I have to transfer the grommet from the original……


    Okay I’ve tried to answer your question, but I guess including a bunch of pictures has gotten my post flagged for moderation for some reason. Who knows when someone will get around to approving it so I’ll just summarize my post.

    -Using a flathead screwdriver, push the blade between the lip of the bushing and the mounting tab

    -Apply pressure downward to compress the bushing

    -Once the bushing is compressed push the blade of the screwdriver through the hole

    -This should push the bushing partway through the hole to the point where you can grab it and pull it the rest of the way through

    Remember that these bushing are flexible and tough so don’t be afraid of applying pressure to them. I used the above method on both of my bushings and they weren’t even marred let alone damaged when I was done.

    If all else fails just call up your friendly local KTM or Husqvarna dealership and order part #90105068100 aka “Damping Lower Element,” the price according to AOMC is 83 cents.

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    Hi Jesper, yeah I recently did the same thing on a 2021 bike, and I did find removing the old chamber a pain.

    Once you get it off you definitely need to take off (re-use) one of the rubber grommets off the original. It does come off, you just need to squeeze it or use a blunt screwdriver etc.

    I definitely used the existing bolt and I didn’t introduce any new hardware (just swapped everything off the old chamber). I will take a close up pic tonight and post it for you see.

    I also replaced mine with a comp werkes chamber delete and ran an Arrow Pro Race exhaust, DNA stage 2 filter and a Rapid Bike Easy fuel module. The thing sounds unreal and breathes so much better without the exhaust baffle in!!!! You can seriously feel the difference.


    Hey Vit401Sydney

    I got the grommet off the stock chamber together with the long metal “shaft”, and now it fits much better. The next challenge I have, is that no matter how hard I tighten the two metal rings/clamps that holds the chamber and the slip-on, they just slide right off. It’s like the diameter is too large. When I removed the stock chamber, there was some sort of gasket to seal it off. Do I need that as well? I’ve tried using some exhaust putty, but it still doesn’t fit tight…..


    Jesper I will take pics of mine now.

    Basically when you take off your stock chamber you need to also slide off the gasket that sits on the bottom end (ie the end that connects to the slip on). This gasket is what gives the chamber the snug fit it needs to connect to the slip on. It’s a bit of a pain to get off and I used my fingers to slowly slide it out (might have also started the process with a screw driver).  At first I thought it wouldn’t come off but slowly slowly it came off. You then slide this on the Comp Werkes pipe and then fit the slip on to it. I suggest you also use the clamp that most likely came with the exhaust. I will take some pics now, however they might need a to be approved before they get published.


    Hey I just checked my bike and I only used the gasket off the stock chamber that connects onto the main header pipe. Will try to add some pics. I used the stock clamp for the header end, and the clamp supplied with my slip on for the other end.



    What a happy coincidence! I have a 2020 and I’ll be doing a CompWerkes chamber delete as soon as it shows up, so it would behoove me to figure out how to get those dampers off of the stock piece as well. I’ll share any tips I figure out.

    Okay I just took both of mine off. I’ll include some pictures to try and guide you through it. I used a flathead. The important thing to remember is that these things are pretty durable and stretchy. I jabbed both of mine with screwdrivers and applied a good bit of force and it didn’t even mar them so don’t be afraid.

    On the tabs with the bushings in them I wedged the blade of my flathead between the lip of the bushing and the metal tab.

    Then I applied some pressure downward and rotated the screwdriver a little bit. The goal is try a push the lip of the bushing through the hole.

    Pushing the screwdriver outward through the hole will encourage the lip to slip through

    Once the lip of the bushing is a little bit through the hole you should just be able to grab it from the other side and pull it the rest of the way out

    and if all else fails you can always just order new ones from your KTM or Husqvarna dealership, the part number is #90105068100 and the cost is listed as $0.83 per piece from


    Pics below – see in the first pic the internal gasket has been removed.


    Hi again

    I’ve just spent a couple of hours more trying to figure this out. I’ve taken some pictures as well.
    The gasket from the stock chamber just kinda crumbled as I tried to remove it. It consisted of a metal grid with some sort of hardened liquid metal gasket. I’ve have tried refitting it, but it still didn’t seal completely.

    The end that connects to the slip on won’t either….

    This is the metal grid thing from stock muffler:

    The gasket from stock chamber

    The diameter of the slip-on is a lot bigger than the pipe coming from chamber delete part:

    This is as tight as I can get it:


    Hey can you take some more pics that re more zoomed out ie. showing all the parts.

    I am keen to see the comp werkes chamber as a whole. Also what exhaust are you fitting? The stock pipe or an aftermarket slip on?

    If you look at my second pic above, you will see the other gasket around the lower side of the original chamber, whilst I didn’t use this, you might need to ie you might need to use both gaskets.

    You might also need to purchase some replacement exhaust gaskets online, however before you do this you will need to measure the diameter of the comp werkes chamber and your exhaust to ensure you purchase the right gaskets.

    Sent through some more pics.


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