Premuffler mounting bolts and washers

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    Hello everyone,

    I bought a 2018 vitpilen401, it has been a wonderful bike. The previous owner of the bike deleted the premuffler/secondary cat, and it’s too loud to my preference. I was able to find used ones for sale from duke 390’s, assuming they share the same parts. However it’s been difficult to find the mounting bolts and washers that are used to mount it. I only found part of them and still missing some.

    For now I can find part 10, 16, 17, 28, 11, 18 from the diagram below.

    However, from the videos I watched online, I am missing at least a bolt about 4 inches long, and a pair of folded “washer”/ “bracket”. I could not find them on the technical drawings.

    Does anyone know where to get them? Or does anyone have spare parts that you are willing to sell? Thank you so much in advance!


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