PowerTRONIC Performance ECU for Vitpilen 401 & Svartpilen 401

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    PowerTRONIC is a Piggyback Performance ECU for motorcycles

    Plug and Play Performance ECU, Install in less then 40 Minutes with no fancy tools required

    PowerTRONIC Quickshifter compatible

    Self-tunable ECU, 30 days return with no questions asked

    1 Year replacement warranty


    Fuel and Ignition control out of the box
    Quickshifter Compatible
    Extended Rev Limiter
    Increase in Power (Upto 4 BHP)
    Increase in Torque (Upto 2.5 NM)
    Improved Throttle response
    Universal ECU
    Dual Maps Pre-Tuned
    Self Tunable ECU
    Free life-Time license for ECU tuning interface

    All of these available at 285 USD, Use coupon code “HUSKYFORUM” for flat $10 off

    Visit – “http://powertronicusa.myshopify.com”

    PowerTRONIC is also available for Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, Kawasaki and more


    I bought the powertronic ECU and can’t seem to find the maps for the vitpilen on your website, I am currently running 2017+ 390 Duke fuel maps. Would it be possible to get the vitpilen tune?


    I bought this for my svartpilen 401 and it came with no instructions whatsoever and the packaging was damaged. Pretty sure the ecu is the same for ktm and husky bikes. It seems like they rushed this product out because there is pretty much no information for Husqvarnas. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone…


    That said, if anyone has the installation instructions it would be great if you could post them here.


    Our bikes are the exact same as the 390 duke as far as the engine platform and wiring harness…The box that the ECU came in should have instructions on how to install it, at least mine did. If yours didn’t come with any instructions here is a youtube video for the 2017 duke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3F9lcmlxyE . It is a pretty straight forward install, just take your time and think of how you will route the cables. Also you will probably end up mounting the ecu to the frame as there is no where else to really put it.


    Quick update:

    Despite coming with no instructions I was able to  install the harness by watching an installation video of a Coober ECU and reading some of the pdf guides on the powertronic website. I then attempted to update the firmware on the ecu and burn one of the 4 pre-made maps . Unfortunately, the ecu doesn’t seem to want to interface at all with the R-Tune software. When I plug it into my computer, it says that there aren’t any drivers available and attempting to connect the ecu within R-Tune isn’t yielding any results . When I plugged the ecu into the harness and attempted to start my bike I couldn’t get the engine to run. I was under the impression that the bike should be able to run on one of the two preset maps the ecu comes shipped with. I triple-checked that I installed the harness correctly.

    It’s possible that I have a defective unit and have exchanged a couple emails from someone with support. I’m really hoping that they’re able to help me sort everything. Will continue to give updates on the situation as it unravels.


    I am keeping an eye on your results and anxious to know of the outcome.


    Managed to get drivers installed and confirm that the ecu is working. Having no instructions has made this whole process more frustrating than it should have been. I tried installing the unit with someone from support. A very helpful guy from India video called me 2 days in a row at 3am Indian time to walk me through it. Unfortunately, the side stand switch  somehow shorted out at some point during the install and now my bike won’t start even after putting everything back to stock. It’s currently being looked at by a dealership. When I get it back I’ll be attempting to install the ecu once again. Fingers crossed.


    I’ve been running this on my Svartpilen for a year with no issues. I used the standard performance tune that is included as part of the piggyback. There is a jumper that allows you to switch between stock tune and performance. This mod is only worth doing if you change to a high flow air filter. Changing the exhaust will also improve a little more.


    galavoxx- Are you happy with the purchase overall or the gains were not worth the money in your opinion? I currently only have a decat pipe but would like to the ECU and Air Intake box.


    I have only the competition werkes catless midpipe and this tuner produces some good gains in the mid range all the way to the top. It is also a good mod if you ever plan on doing anything else to the bike like an upgrade intake system.

    I am currently running their exhaust map from the site. It runs great, the bike will now hit is calculated max top speed of 110 mph.

    I have been running the ECU for about 8 months now (roughly 3800 miles), it has seen rain, hail, and dusty roads and is still fully functioning.


    Haven’t tried quickshifter with it have you?


    Thank you for showing interest in PowerTRONIC

    Link for PowerTRONIC installation Manual for Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UnL_PdAKMO0297naa9DaDuQdSUnVMNJr


    Did anyone find a manual? My PT come today and id prfer a manual to install it rather than try and do it off the old version? I dont seem to get any reply from PowerTronic.


    If you are looking for the complete ‘installation’ manual, here is the link.



    Thanks but thats only up to 2019.

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